Affiliate Marketing: Do's and Don'ts

The success of your business depends heavily on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. And many businesses may still feel that generating traffic and leads is their biggest challenge. With so many marketing channels and strategies available to businesses, it can feel overwhelming to come up with new marketing ideas and strategies to increase lead generation to get increased exposure. There is no need to reinvent the wheel in creating and seeking new marketing channels, especially in the iGaming industry, as having the right affiliate marketing has already proven its worth to be very successful.

Affiliate marketing and iGaming operators have an important relationship. A business will benefit greatly from finding the right affiliate and establishing a productive working affinity with them. The affiliate program at Uplatform provides a simple model that allows you to develop stable and effective affiliate networks that satisfy all of your business objectives.

We will cover some of the Do's and Don't's for your business when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Don't: forget to do your homework

For affiliate marketing to be successful, it is crucial to conduct a thorough competitive examination. When you know the market, competitors, and affiliates, you know who to deal with and what to expect. Detailed research will reveal things, such as who the players are, who your competitors are, what marketing channels they use, and their affiliates - information you can use in your marketing strategy. Researching your competitor's marketing strategies can also help you identify advantages and disadvantages. These insights may also provide helpful information and open doors to more prospects.

Do: Select the Appropriate Affiliate

Setting up your affiliate marketing may seem simple, but finding the right affiliates is critical to the productivity of your brand and your resources. An affiliate could be a person or a company that promotes your brand through its channels. Operators are then responsible for creating the content that will be linked to affiliate ads.

Affiliates should be able to reach a significant number of people and be accomplished and know their market. Additionally, some affiliate marketers promote a diverse variety of products, so it's advisable to choose one who specializes in and has deep knowledge of marketing in the casino industry. Among the different options, you can always choose from media platforms, streamers, bloggers, as well as agencies. It is also important to consider whether the affiliate provides regionally targeted traffic and geo-targeting strategies to boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

Do: Analyze traffic and outcomes

The majority of affiliate programs, especially those developed for online casino operators, come with modules that facilitate managing affiliates. With these modules, you can analyze different affiliates according to their number of visitors. The advantage of affiliate marketing using Uplatform's solution is that engagement and ROI can be easily measured. It allows for comprehensive control over operations for managing and assessing affiliates and their performance using a single platform. You can quickly evaluate affiliate data with the tool's extensive reporting and detailed statistics that can be adapted to various parameters.

Don't: compromise on the commission rate

Profitable commission systems encourage your affiliates to perform while driving traffic to your website. Both viable and competitive commission rates are vital requirements. The key incentive for performance and motivation is commission, which is highly appreciated and a big driving factor. Overall, the commission structure substantially influences your capacity to generate income and expand.

The following are some helpful tips to consider with commission rates:

  • Compare your commission rates with those of your competitors.
  • It would be wise to set a lower starting commission.
  • Check and adjust the commission rate regularly.
  • Be aware of flexible affiliate commission structures as well as individual deals.
  • Choose your preferred payment frequency- weekly or monthly.

What can Uplatform do for you?

The affiliate system from Uplatform is simple to incorporate into your operations. Providing ultimate control over each individual campaign, our multi-brand system incorporates all required tools to effectively execute a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

Uplatform offers five flexible commission options to select from.

  1. Revenue shares. You incentivize an affiliate's efforts by offering a portion of the earnings; they receive ongoing payments for as long as a referred customer continues to play or for a set period.
  2. Standard CPA. Cost Per Action is the most popular affiliate compensation type; it's a payment provided once your suggested player leads have completed a specific action — for instance, new player registration.
  3. Hybrid. A combination of the first two commission schemes - the fixed commissions from CPA and a percentage of the monthly revenue a player spends at your gambling site.
  4. Tiered CPA. Across different levels of an affiliate network, affiliates receive additional commissions, including those for the promotion of the affiliate program.
  5. Sub-Affiliate. Affiliate earnings are adjusted based on the commission type received by your sub-affiliates.

The only decision left for you is to choose from those five commission strategies you think will be best for you and your business. All five commission strategies offer great convenience, including weekly or monthly payment intervals, various payment methods, and the opportunity to attract social media users, website owners, group administrators and develop straightforward affiliate relationships.


Affiliate marketing has developed over the last five years as the internet expands and personalizes to each person's preferences. The new digital era has greatly influenced the gambling industry with minimal limitations on online content and a wide range of advertising channels. Affiliate marketing networks have proven beneficial to online casinos and sports betting.

Take a look at the following numbers.

  • More than 87% of brands use affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate marketing investment is expected to increase by more than 10% in the next few years.
  • Affiliate marketing is used by 99% of people to establish their businesses.
  • Directly working with affiliate marketers, 92% of consumers trust brand ambassadors and influencers they know

Created to meet industry requirements as well as the interests of every client, Uplatform's All-In-One affiliate program is comprehensive but conveniently is simple and offers everything businesses need to start profiting and expanding.

Contact the Uplatform team today and learn more about how you can increase your profits and player acquisition with our Affiliate marketing solution.


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