360° monitoring and control

Back office Intelligence

Through a single powerful and effective Back Office, control all aspects of your business. Maintain a competitive position by analyzing, managing, and learning from your business insights and performance, fine-tuning operations to your advantage.

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Complete Back Office system

Resolve any complex task that arises with a new level data-driven approach! With our smart Back Office software, you can manage the flow of funds, obtain detailed reports and in-depth analytics, arrange margins, commissions, risk limits and a whole lot more.

Uplatform’s back-end software is tailored and specialized for the betting and casino industry, meeting the needs of every operator. The multilingual and user-friendly interface gives you extensive capabilities to ensure you completely control your business yet simplify the entire management experience.

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Endless opportunities

  • Stay ahead

    Access extensive dashboards and reports to gain a complete insight into your business – from a strategic focus to the operational metrics.

  • Monitor your funds

    Maintain complete awareness of your transactions by accessing all the necessary real-time financial data.

  • Create new payments

    Freedom to create your own manual payment methods.

  • Fine-tune to your needs

    Create informative personalized reports according to your needs, and set the various access options to secure your data.

  • Have it in your language

    With our multilingual Back Office system, there will never be a misunderstanding. We speak in your language.

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24/7 customer support in over 31 languages when you need it.


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