Expand your casino business with a sportsbook API

More than 45,9% of European GGR comes from sports betting. As an activity that is incredibly popular among betting audiences, it is also a significant revenue source for online casinos, which can help them to reach a wider audience and earn more profits. In light of voluminous statistics like these, your casino should offer a variety of betting options, including sports betting.

A Sportsbook API can be easily added to your current gambling website to set up online sports betting gambling business without too much effort. It is simply integrated into the framework of your existing website and is a straightforward and seamless process. Usports API from Uplatform provides a comprehensive solution that is compatible with multiple platforms. Offering a wide selection of bet types, matches, leagues (including lower-tier leagues), pre-match events, esports, and localization options, with flexibility for a completely customized sportsbook.

To make this work and succeed, you need to understand the sports betting market and your players so you can deliver exactly what they want:

  • Diversify your offering - Offer the biggest sportsbook with the most extensive coverage of all kinds of sports, more than 200 in line, a variety of Esports, over 9500+ games and Esports events, and more than 1,5 million pre-match and live events. You will have everything in your portfolio to appeal to a wide and diverse variety of sports bettors, which will help attract and obtain a more significant number of players.
  • Know your market - Learn what players in this market love and prefer: what kind of sports and leagues are popular in their region, how they like to bet, and what devices they like to use. Offering bets on not only the most popular, well-known, and trending sports and leagues, but also lower-tier leagues, local championships, and amateur events. Targeting a specific market in order to attract more players.
  • Variety of betting options - The best sportsbooks offer a wide variety of betting options, from simple to sophisticated. With Uplatform, you can bet on live sporting events using accumulators and one-click bets, as well as betting combinations. For sports fans who like to stay on top of the action, a Bet Builder is necessary for building a combined bet slip from multiple events in one game. The Bet Constructor is another must-have that enables bettors to compare the performance of different teams competing in different matches or competitions.
  • Stay Up-To-Date - The popularity of Esports is growing every day. Casinos can take advantage of massive Esports events organized by platform providers by partnering with them and reaching new audiences. Uplatform has developed one of the most comprehensive Esports offerings on the market and can assist you in expanding your business. With more than 9500 pre-match and live broadcasts of Esports events worldwide and a team that takes pride in treating customers as individuals and putting their ideas into action.
  • Continued support - Once the integration is complete and you are fully operational, your sportsbook should be almost self-sufficient. The reality is; that you won't be dealing with robotic users who follow the same processes and sports or make the same bets every time, so it's vital to be able to call on quality support when you need it. Things change, from betting trends to content, or you may need advice on marketing ideas or even support for technical issues. At Uplatform, we provide our clients with ongoing expert advice and support - not only during the integration and once they're live and operational. Our expert team is always there, offering professional consultancy to answer any questions or deal with any issue our clients may face.

Integrating sports betting into an existing betting platform or website is a simple but effective approach to extending any gambling business. Businesses can promote and increase their business opportunities with Uplatform's Usports API by providing a diverse selection of top global sporting events and popular local events and Esports. With Uplatform, you will have all the essential tools to control, analyze, and implement targeted marketing strategies, ensuring the success and growth of your brand. Using our simple, customizable, and compliant API solution, you can seamlessly tie in with your existing platform or website. Allowing you to manage your business with great versatility while not disrupting your already established gambling operations.

Interested in growing and expanding your brand to more markets? Let our experienced team show you how our Usports API can help.


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