How to increase your betting revenue in January

For many people all across the world, December is a month of celebrations, filled with parties, good cheer, and the urge to buy presents for friends and family. Betting and gambling websites have seen higher revenues despite rising living costs, increased expenses in December, and overall workload. This revenue surge can be attributed to the FIFA World Cup, which took place in November and December. The World Cup in 2022 was the first to take place in the Middle East and the first to be played in the winter. According to Uplatform's data, more than 30 percent of its bettors are first-time bettors who were attracted by the excitement of the FIFA World Cup. The following month is January, which is likewise a time for celebration but also offers the difficulties inherent to a new year. How can you make the most of this extraordinary opportunity, keep your players coming back even after the event, and increase your earnings in January and beyond?

Provide content based on individual preference

Many major sporting events were happening at the same time as the famous FIFA World Cup. In addition to the current domestic leagues, European leagues, and the high rate of sporting events and contests in general, the inclusion of the World Cup to the schedule was beneficial to producing record-breaking high betting volumes. The English Premier League restarted on December 26. This shows the packed schedule of sporting events accessible to operators. This extremely unusual occurrence presents a unique opportunity for operators to retain participants and keep engagement levels sky-high in the period following a tournament. With so many games to choose from, betting sites are likely to attract new players and retain existing ones long after the tournament has ended.

First and foremost, providing preferred content to bettors will keep them coming back to your website. Providing the most popular content isn't enough to keep players interested and engaged. It's all about adapting a strategy that works on both a global and a local level based on what people want and where they live.

You can target a specific audience by betting on lower-tier leagues, regional championships, and amateur events in addition to the most popular and trending sports and leagues.

Are there other things you can do to get players to set and bet on your site regularly?

Offer varieties of Loyalty Rewards

Long-term success in this industry depends on retaining and attracting players and boosting income. You must utilize marketing strategies and promotional activities to increase engagement, the number of players, and the level of playing interaction. Options like player loyalty bonuses, tournament winners, free bets, holiday-themed promos, and point collections on bets keep players motivated and give them strong incentives to return. You may reach a far larger player base and expand into new markets by enlisting the help of agents and affiliates. You can rapidly grow your online casino or betting business globally by using master agents and doing efficient advertising.

Betting site


The satisfaction that comes from accomplishing goals and the friendly rivalry that results from participating in leagues and tournaments are two of the many benefits these features provide to its users.

The psychological benefits of gamification include the fulfillment a player feels after accomplishing a task, completing a level, or gaining access to a previously locked feature. When they hit a particular number of bets, even a modest amount of excitement might make them feel like they're part of something bigger and that the operator cares about them. Stickiness (return visits and interactions), rewards, retention, and loyalty can all be improved by gamification in iGaming. Likewise, it might teach users how to get the most out of a specific service or tool. Typical features of such tools include quests, competitions, badges, levels, points, and rankings.

Individualized bonuses and transparency

A brand needs to be forthright and trustworthy in all aspects to win over its target market. Our bonus program is no different; reliability and genuineness are the basis of our offers.

A KPMG study revealed that the younger generation strongly prefers open and honest companies. So, before handing out bonuses, it's important to ensure players understand what they'll be getting and how. Don't use clauses that are hard to understand or that seem to contradict each other.

You can learn what marketing strategies and incentives work if you keep track of and analyze relevant data. Uplatform, for instance, has powerful analytical features that provide extensive insight into your players through high-quality data, empowering you to make informed business decisions that provide great results. The information your business needs to create and implement strategies unique to each client's needs will be at your fingertips in no time.


A user interface that is friendly to betting and timely advertising, pop-up notifications, SMS, and direct messaging enables players to maintain their focus without pausing and rethinking the navigation process. You can motivate inactive users to resume betting by employing these features. The ultimate objective of intuitive design is to provide a satisfying user experience.

Another effective method for reaching out to current and former players is email marketing. Email marketing has two advantages: the ability to personalize the message and the fact that players won't wonder why they hear from you if they voluntarily gave their contact information on one of your landing pages. But be cautious—one of the few things that everyone dislikes is spam.

Retargeting tools and general social interaction can be utilized in social media to interact with and keep players engaged. Seven out of ten bettors surveyed, according to research by ESPN, use Twitter, and the interactions there influence bettors to wager more frequently and with higher stakes: 65% of bettors claimed they are more inspired to place a bet on a big event that is trending on social media. 72% of bettors look up the status of their live bets on Twitter after placing them.

In summary

There are two types of promotions that can boost revenue for gambling websites this January. One is to have a well-developed marketing plan that uses free and paid advertising,establishes a strong network of affiliates, and offers reward-based retention strategies. The other is to use a non-marketing approach to increase players' interest in betting, such as high-quality and tailored content. Nonetheless, each type of iGaming business must have a unique approach.

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