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Nelli Reflects on Successful Participation at SiGMA Europe

In a post-SiGMA Europe interview with Soloazar, Nelli Melik, the Head of Sales at Uplatform, provided insights into our company's objectives, highlights, and contributions to the iGaming sector. SiGMA Europe 2023, held in Malta, served as a platform for Uplatform to achieve several key objectives, including showcasing our products and services, expanding our network, generating leads and partnerships, and enhancing our brand visibility in the European market. Nelli emphasized the importance of meeting valued partners and receiving their feedback, which was successfully accomplished during the event.

At SiGMA Europe, Uplatform showcased a variety of innovations, spotlighting our flagship sports betting solutions. Our stand received positive feedback and attention from the audience, with engaging activities such as games, branded gifts, and signature bubble tea for refreshments. The turnout of guests at our stand reflected Uplatform's active, positive, welcoming, and professional approach, which is also evident in the development and growth of our Casino aggregator product.

Reflecting on the event, Nelli highlighted the impressive scale of SiGMA Europe, emphasizing the abundance of high-quality stands both indoors and outdoors. She added that the team enjoyed various unique experiences, such as a fortune teller, Alea's Oxygen chamber, Pragmatic's outdoor lounge, and the Winfinity bar.

When discussing the key elements needed to attract the next generation of gambling players, Nelli emphasized the importance of innovative technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as the development of products for mobile platforms. She stressed the significance of creating immersive and interactive experiences, offering personalized content and bonuses, and prioritizing responsible gambling practices. Nelli expressed Uplatform's commitment to driving innovation within the sector by investing in research and development, collaborating with emerging tech companies, and adapting to changing consumer preferences.

In conclusion, Soloazar's interview with Nelli Melik captures Uplatform's successful participation at SiGMA Europe 2023. It shows our commitment to innovation, customer engagement, and industry leadership. The event provided an ideal platform for us to achieve our objectives, showcase our latest offerings, and connect with industry professionals, resulting in Uplatform's continued growth and success in the European market.


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