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The Critical Role of Collaboration in the Success of Businesses

In a recent exclusive interview with Focus iGaming News, Yana, the head of PMO and account management at Uplatform, shared valuable insights into the key factors that contribute to the success of businesses in the B2B world, particularly in the iGaming industry. Here's a summary of the key highlights from the conversation.

According to Yana, the team holds the primary key to the success of any business, and this belief is reflected in Uplatform's approach to working with its clients. Yana highlighted that as a provider of iGaming platform software, Uplatform considers the team to be the most important factor influencing the success of its clients in this competitive market. She emphasized that in the fiercely competitive landscape of the present iGaming industry, only a resilient and skilled team can steer a project towards significant positive outcomes.

In addition to the team, Yana also stressed the importance of the product itself and the value it brings to players. She mentioned that in this era, players are discerning and leaning towards products with added features such as live match streaming, integrated chats, forums, virtual cinemas, in-platform contests, tournaments, and loyalty programs. Yana pointed out that products with these elements yield higher conversion rates compared to those lacking such gamified components, and this trend is incredibly prevalent at the moment.

Furthermore, Yana highlighted the significance of understanding the intricacies of the market in which online businesses operate in the iGaming industry. She emphasized that every country possesses its own distinct cultural subtleties, economic developmental stages, and preferences. Yana noted that strategies that work well in one market may not work well in another. This includes marketing endeavors, user inclinations (casino/sports), and country-specific configurations (minimum bets, deposits, acceptable currencies, and game/sports event settings). She suggested that the most impactful methodology centers on adopting the "know your customer, know your market" approach.

success of businesses

Uplatform has been open to adopting new technologies, and Yana elaborated on the positive influence of these technologies in the iGaming industry. She specifically mentioned the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and its application across diverse domains, particularly in customer retention and support fields. From rudimentary Churn Prediction models to sophisticated language models for chatbots, text-to-voice conversion, and user sentiment analysis, the domain of AI is rapidly evolving. By automating various processes, businesses aim to introduce users to fresh experiences while reducing labor costs. Yana noted that businesses that hesitate to embrace these emerging technologies risk falling behind.

To stay ahead in the fast-paced iGaming landscape, Yana emphasized the need to consistently monitor the evolving technology landscape and integrate emerging IT opportunities into the iGaming sector. Yana stressed the significance of having a proficient team of IT specialists to conceptualize innovative ideas and translate them into practical solutions. She also mentioned the value of conducting ongoing market research, gathering feedback from clients and players, testing hypotheses, and being prepared to adapt based on test results. Yana noted that platforms and applications offering customizable options for clients are currently gaining significant traction.

When it comes to offering customized solutions to cater to the individual demands of its clients, Uplatform places a strong emphasis on flexibility, adaptability, and tailoring its platform to meet specific needs. Yana explained that an iGaming platform should possess the flexibility to adapt to any market and the capacity to be tailored to each client's specific needs. She highlighted several key areas where Uplatform offers customized solutions to meet the individual demands of its clients.

Payment Solutions

Integrating payment solutions into the platform holds immense significance for the business. Yana emphasized that devoid of this feature, any other undertaking becomes futile. She said every platform should offer various payment systems and user deposit methods since every country carries its own distinctive intricacies that set it apart. She stated that to ensure a successful global operation, it is necessary to deal with the nuances of payments in every corner of the globe. She also mentioned that Uplatform has effectively achieved this fit.

Content Customization

Yana highlighted that content, including visual interfaces, should harmonize with the client's target market. For instance, Uplatform provides a range of sports odd formats to cater to diverse inclinations, ranging from European and Asian handicap to decimal, fractional, and more. Preferences for casino content differ by region, particularly in the Asian market.

"Our platform is built to navigate and address these subtle differences",

Yana said.

Reacting to Uplatform's approach to ensuring seamless integration with its partners, Yana emphasized that collaboration plays a key role in the B2B world.

"In the world of B2B, collaboration forms the foundation – it's about sharing expertise and creating something unique together",

Yana said. This is why Yana finds B2B interactions more captivating than B2C interactions. She believes that the success and steady growth of Uplatform hinge on building strong, trusting relationships with each client. Yana explained how Uplatform works with its partners to ensure seamless integration and a mutually beneficial relationship. She noted that regardless of the size of their operations, Uplatform allocates a dedicated team to each client. This team includes an Account Manager for business matters and a Project Manager for technical issues. Her insights underscore the importance of collaboration in the success of businesses in the iGaming industry.

success of businesses

Looking ahead, Yana anticipates exciting future developments from Uplatform. She mentioned that we plan to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our products. Currently, Uplatform has successfully added some advanced features, and the research and development department is brainstorming other ideas. She said that Uplatform is focused on creating a unique user experience, introducing internal motivation programs for users, and hosting exciting tournaments. Given the increasing use of mobile devices, Uplatform is channeling its efforts into developing exceptional mobile apps to improve the mobile experience for users. Uplatform also provides personalized mobile app development tailored to each client's unique brand guidelines and project requirements.

In conclusion, Yana's insights underscore the importance of collaboration in the success of businesses in the iGaming industry. By prioritizing the team and working closely with clients, Uplatform is well-positioned to help its clients achieve maximum profitability in this rapidly evolving sector.


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