Turnkey betting solution VS Sportsbook API

So, you might be new to the industry or looking to expand a project possibly or considering a change in platforms for your online sports betting or online gaming business? You would have likely heard these terms floated about; White Label, Turnkey, and Sportsbook API. Though, you might not be too sure about their differences and what they provide? Great news, you're in the right place; not only does Uplatform provide successful platform solutions to sports betting or online igaming enterprises, we're going to cover them below.?

Before you begin to run your own online sports betting, it is essential to know what is involved and to learn more about what each solution has to offer. This also can help expedite the process, as you will have better insight and overall understanding. Research and knowledge will provide you with vital information in determining which provider and solutions are right for your business venture. There are several options:

Create your own bespoke business from scratch
  • Hire a team of specialists to establish tech solutions for your sports betting business.
  • Purchase a bookmaker and market data feeds.
  • Obtain necessary licenses for your intended markets.
  • Partner with various betting software providers to build up your content and operational software.

You'll have a completely customized and tailor-made solution by taking this path, although it demands a lot of knowledge and expertise, resources, hours of consultations, and money.

Construct your project with the help of a sportsbook API

API integration is a powerful solution for those looking to start a sports betting business or for those established businesses wanting to extend their existing iGaming platform.

Uplatform’s API lets you add any match, event, or league on-demand and personalize your brand and range of offerings to your target market. Along with the primary characteristics of Sportsbook API, you should evaluate the sportsbook itself: the number of sports and events covered, the number of bet types, multi-device compatibility, localization, and customization options.

Compared to Turnkey, the API solution is more flexible. To find the perfect turnkey provider with both an extensive sportsbook, stable core, multiple payments, and a quality range of options for localization is kind of challenging. With a Sportsbook API, you can combine different solutions from different providers. Efficiently combine into your existing platform with our simple, customizable, and compliant API solution, delivering complete personalization to manage your business with added scope and flexibility.

Purchase a ready-to-use platform solution

A ready-to-use platform handles all of the technicalities and includes everything you need to get started with a profitable business. You may want to select between a turnkey solution or a white label solution. What's the difference? They are both responsive, profitable, and completely managed solutions, including features like analytics, marketing, payment systems, risk management, and an expansive set of features and tools to manage an iGaming business. However, while Turnkey requires you to operate under your own license, White Label allows you to run under one of the provider's licenses (depending on your jurisdiction) and operate via provider’s merchants.

Turnkey is a competitive all-around solution in which you obtain your own license for the required market, delivering a flexible and unrestricted solution for betting and casino businesses that seek a swift immediate start of business, along with great features and control of their operations. One of the significant advantages of a turnkey solution is the extensibility of the partnership and range of available options. The Uplatform Turnkey Solution features a massive sportsbook delivering industry-leading global sporting events, matches, and an extensive range of bet types. Turnkey facilitates a responsive, profitable, and fully managed operation via analytics, marketing, payment systems, and risk management. That also includes an expansive all-inclusive set of features, back-office, and management tools for the complete gaming business experience, with flexible control and many choices and options for businesses to steer their enterprises in the direction they want with more independence.

White label is ideal for business enterprises to get up and running and straight to the market with minimal requirements, although White label also has some disadvantages, among those a higher cost can be considered a main one. Platform providers provide a client with a ready-to-use platform solution that operates under licenses issued by the platform provider and the necessary tools, content, and payment services; this eliminates the need to engage and enter into contracts for each service, as the platform provider provides all the necessities.

So what's the best solution?

We've covered the solutions above, providing a better understanding of what each one offers. In summary, it comes down to your business requirements and also the level of self-sufficiency and management you would like to have! Do you require a completely all-around manageable, and independent business solution? Or are you looking for a quick, ready-to-use business solution to get you up and running? Consider these entities and see how they align with your current situation and what solutions you think would be the most beneficial to your project and business plans.

We’re always here for advice, and we hope this article has provided some helpful and decisive insights. As a trusted, reliable partner, our professional and expert Uplatform team can assist and support you with anything you need or any question you have.


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