Uplatform adds to their over 65+ languages with Icelandic and Lingala

We're ensuring Uplatform is more widely accessible right around the globe, with the addition of two more new languages: Icelandic and Lingala.

The team at Uplatform is always striving for new ways to improve the platform. One of the ways we're doing it is through quality localization - transforming the way people connect, engage, and interact while providing new opportunities to our partnered clients.

Uplatform's approach isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Our strategy is to provide successful businesses solutions as diverse as their markets. No matter the scale - from the vast 15 million+ Lingala speakers throughout Central Africa and surrounding regions to the 300,000 Icelandic speakers in Iceland and the tens of thousands living around the world. We're all about providing our clients with comprehensive localization strategies to gainfully progress into all markets.

When it comes to successful localization, it's not just about the language. It's also about extensively enhancing and modifying your entire brand, offerings, and experience to appeal to your diverse target market. Thankfully our platform provides so much more than just languages! Every country and region has its own local preferences, and Uplatform's multi-featured platform has got you completely covered to ensure you successfully hit your target every time: From all the popular content like local and amateur sports and leagues, esports, casino games, slots, and non-sport betting, 300+ different payment options that include everything from all possible world currencies, local exchanges, crypto, preferred local and alternative payment methods.

Are you ready to innovatively, localize, and enhance your sports betting and casino operations into new markets or effectively capitalize on the one you already operate?

Contact the Uplatform team to discover how we can assist you in taking advantage of our solutions and providing your players with rewarding and engaging experiences that will encourage them to remain loyal to your brand. While productively growing into new markets and increasing your revenue.


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