Uplatform Shortlisted for "Esports Supplier of the Year" at SBC Awards!

Are you ready for some excitement? Uplatform is on fire this year! We are incredibly excited to share that Uplatform has just been shortlisted for yet another prestigious award, the "Esports Supplier of the Year" award, at the upcoming SBC Awards. This recognition isn't just a simple acknowledgment; it's a celebration of our dedication to enhancing the world of Esports betting, making it even more dynamic and thrilling than before! The excitement is palpable as we gear up for the grand event scheduled to take place on September 21, 2023, at the exquisite Caves Codorniu in the captivating city of Barcelona.

The SBC Awards, now in its tenth year, is renowned for recognizing outstanding achievements in the fields of sports betting, gambling, and all the related disciplines that make this industry a global sensation. With 39 award categories, it's a true celebration of the best operators, affiliates, suppliers, and others who have contributed to shaping this dynamic landscape.

SBC Awards

Being shortlisted for "Esports Supplier of the Year" affirms Uplatform's commitment to excellence in the Esports betting industry. As we attain this height, we're reminded of the incredible journey that led us to this moment. Our dedication to delivering top-notch solutions, coupled with our passion for enhancing the Esports experience for both players and operators, has undoubtedly propelled us to this outstanding recognition.

In her excitement, our Head of Marketing, Maria, exclaimed,

"We're very happy about making the SBC Awards shortlist. It's a testament to our team's incredible teamwork, creative mind, and relentless pursuit of excellence. We look forward to bringing even more satisfaction to our clients and players at large."

As the anticipation grows and the countdown begins, Uplatform expresses heartfelt gratitude to SBC Awards for this incredible recognition. Uplatform is committed to an unwavering journey toward achieving excellence, and we have gotten this far by being responsive to our clients' feedback, focusing on understanding the needs of each market and delivering tailored solutions.

We will always be here, contributing our fair share to making the Esports world brighter, bolder, and more entertaining than ever before.


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