Uplatform Soars All the Way Up at ICE London 2024

The iGaming industry is set to scale new heights at ICE London 2024! Leading the ascent is Uplatform, ready to elevate the experience all the way up at the world’s premier iGaming showcase. From 6-8 February, at the bustling ExCeL London, Uplatform is not just participating in ICE iGaming show; we're redefining the standards of excellence to greater heights at stand S4-530!

Get ready to soar into an electrifying experience at the ICE exhibition with Uplatform's dynamic lineup, where excitement takes center stage through captivating activities like Drone Racing and the engaging Plinko game. Picture yourself amid thrilling competition, actively navigating drones through challenging courses, vying for leaderboard supremacy, and seizing remarkable prizes that await the champions.

Brace yourself for the fun-filled whirlwind it brings, injecting an infectious, playful unpredictability into every chat and interaction. And as you immerse yourself in these adrenaline-pumping activities, indulge your senses with our diverse range of beverages—a refreshing bubble tea, meticulously crafted cocktails, or the enticing aroma of coffee. Join us as we redefine excitement and interaction at ICE iGaming!

The team leading Uplatform's ascent includes some of the brightest minds in the industry. Representatives overseeing Payments, PSP Partner Relations, PMO, and Account Management will collaborate closely with partners to enhance payment solutions and product development. This focused effort is aimed at ensuring our clients’ growth and profits reach new heights. The Sales and Marketing teams, pivotal in Uplatform's expansion, aim to engage with potential clients, showcasing our platform's capabilities in supporting projects. At ICE Show 2024, they will highlight how Uplatform can elevate businesses all the way up, representatives from the casino sector will be in attendance as well, actively exploring potential collaborations with new partners-providers.

ICE London 2024

You can also dive into ICE Conference workshops focused on penetrating new markets and watch as Maria Bashkevich, our Head of Marketing, and Nelli Melik, our Head of Sales, guide you through an exhilarating exploration of scalability in diverse markets. Unveil the delicate equilibrium between adapting to evolving regulations, sustaining competitiveness through strategic investments, and the universal challenges faced by businesses, regardless of their size. Explore the industry's potential depth in venturing into local territories. Experience the live clash between scalability and hyper-localization in our immersive workshop, where theory meets real-world application!

The ICE exhibition, hosting a congregation of over 45,000 iGaming trailblazers, sets the perfect stage for Uplatform's approach. You'll discover a diverse range of both land-based and online gaming experiences, showcased by more than 650 brands hailing from over 150 countries. Thus, Uplatform's stand at the ICE iGaming conference is more than a space for business exchange; it symbolizes how far operations can go when they aim high. It's where solutions meet engaging discussions, and every interaction is an opportunity to soar higher in the iGaming world.

So, mark your calendars for a high-flying experience with Uplatform at the ICE Conference London. Stay tuned for updates and discover the ICE London 2024 floor plan on the website! Etch the ICE London 2024 dates into your mind, for it's not merely an event; it's a transformative journey propelling businesses toward excellence. Join Uplatform and experience how they take iGaming engagement to new heights!


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