Guide to choosing a sports betting platform

Entrepreneurs often ask the question, “How to select a sports betting platform?” when they are looking at starting or expanding their sports betting business. With so many providers out there on the market to choose from, the task of selecting a provider can be quite overwhelming.

There is a wide and varied range of sports betting software providers, content, products, and services available on the market. The key to choosing the right sports betting platform provider is to approach it comprehensively. By doing so, you'll be able to cover all your market needs and ensure that your investment pays off.

To make this process less overwhelming for businesses, we've comprehensively covered the essentials and prepared this excellent guide.

6 Key points on selecting the right sports betting platform.

1. Research

Ensure that the sports betting software provider you choose is reliable by conducting thorough research. A platform's quality extends beyond its software and features for betting. Selecting a provider requires a detailed analysis and assessment of the providers to determine who they are and everything they offer. How well do they understand the sports betting industry, are they readily available and easy to get in touch with, and which other betting operators use their platform? In addition, do they possess all the necessary licenses, and are there any extra costs or software requirements? Research is vital - Having already budgeted your costs, you don't want to find out later that you have to invest more finances into your project to get it fully operational.

2. Appealing and Enticing

Sports betting software solutions provide different types of content, bets, and functionality. As a result, you'll want to ensure that you stand out from your competitors while providing a comfortable and intuitive experience for players. With extensive experience dealing with different geographical conditions and betting preferences, Uplatform's professional team understands these needs. That's why our team is on top of everything in the sports betting sphere, keeping up to date with all sports betting trends and must-haves. Uplatform provides sports betting operators with a variety of bet types and bonuses, as well as the following user-friendly features.

  • Regionalized content: Providing local sports content is also essential. Throughout the world, there are many local regions that are deeply connected to their local sports, whether it's cricket in India or amateur football in Africa. It is essential to cover not just global championships but also popular local leagues and events, such as supplying LATAM players with their favorite Spanish La Liga or lower-tier football leagues they love and follow with passion.
  • Quality experiences - With pre-match, live, and multi-live betting, including the unique live zone that offers real-time 2D, 3D, and video translation, entertain and enhance the player's overall experience.
  • To meet the demands of each market, you need to provide different odds formats, such as American, English, Decimal, Hong Kong, Malay odds, and Indonesian. Typically, British and Irish bookmakers offer fractional odds (also called British odds, U.K. odds, or traditional odds). Decimal odds are used throughout continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Moreover, there are also different website views such as European (classic), Asian (adapted to Asian markets), and Italian. Local trust will increase along with your popularity and profitability if you offer odds representing the local players.
  • Total accessibility - For some players, it may be a device, operating system, or inadequate internet access, while for others, it may be a language barrier. Make sure you don't lose players by offering localized content, simple access, betting options, and local payment methods. Along with Apps for iOS and Android, Telegram and SMS betting for world regions with limited digital coverage to help promote and grow your business's player base.
  • Enticing Bonuses - Increase conversions and retention by offering players First-Deposit Bonuses, First-Time Deposit Bonuses, Cashback bonuses, and many others.
  • Display all information and statistics about matches, teams, and tournaments directly on the match page; easy navigation keeps players on your page and assists with placing bets.

3. Diverse and Extensive

Sports such as Football, basketball, golf, and tennis are essential for you to provide, along with some unique and rare sports that might appeal to your potential audience. Uplatform's comprehensive content range offers a vast and diverse range of deep-laid betting events (with 5500+ markets available), including low-tier leagues, local championships, and even amateur matches each of them are . With the way sports betting has evolved, it's essential to remain attractive and competitive.

In general, players will sign up for sports betting sites that offer their favorite sport or event, so if you’re offering a wide selection of these, you will likely attract more players. Here are a few examples of what to include in a diversified sportsbook portfolio.

  • Esports - Over the past five years, Esports' popularity has grown significantly. Esports have millions of followers worldwide, and the International Olympic Committee now recognizes them as legitimate sports. Esports titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Counter-Strike are considered essentials today rather than just options for sportsbooks. If you want to attract and appeal to the younger generation of players, having bets on Esports in your portfolio is a must-have.
  • Virtual Sports - With real-to-life graphics, virtual sports provide a new dimension to the sports betting industry. Sports betting fans enjoy the convenience of betting 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike actual sports, where all occasions follow a program, players can join the action at any time with virtual sports.
  • Betting on non-sports - There is so much happening in the world that people like to keep up with everything from current events and pop culture. The weather, politics, TV show plots, and movie franchises are all part of our daily lives. Non-sports betting offers up a huge selection, and bettors love it.

Providing your players with unique and trending betting alternatives is one option you can take to continue to grow your betting business and achieve long-term profitability so that you do not miss out on any opportunities for earning and expanding. Statista's survey below asked respondents what they'd likely bet their money on amid the shutdown of major sports events, and the following responses were provided:

betting interest

4. A wide range of payment options

It is also essential to offer a wide range of payment options to accommodate all preferences. In today's global economy, people like to have more options. Payment now extends beyond simply having the options for bank transfers or Credit cards. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have become popular due to the constant innovation of fin-tech and the increased use of e-wallets and other digital formats. The most popular payment options and alternatives should be available to players to avoid creating barriers for them. Uplatform offers all kinds of payment methods, including local and alternative ones. Our offer includes eWallets, mobile payments, cash, e-currency exchangers, payment systems, cryptocurrency, and eVouchers. To stay competitive, businesses must be flexible when introducing new payment methods based on market needs and conditions.

5. Agent scheme

To capture a truly global market, you may need to augment your business into regions where typical methods are ineffective and have no reach. An Uplatform’s Agent scheme is a powerful and effective software that supports multilingual functionality and multilevel agent hierarchies, detailed reporting of agent and player actions, and the capacity to place bets on behalf of players and print betting slips. Helping to expand and advance your business globally.

Everything you'll ever need, conveniently6. Advice and Support

Sports betting platform providers that are reputable and reliable will be there for you when issues arise. When you need assistance with basic questions and guidance about the software, advice on content or marketing and promotions, or problems with the platform or payment services, you want quality support quickly. Another important factor to note is that unless you intend to manage your own Customer Support network, you should look for a provider who will offer readily available support for you and your players.

At Uplatform, we understand the importance of advice and support; our clients can count on us for all levels of support, from technical issues to general operational questions. Our highly qualified team always welcomes any issue, no matter how simple or complex. We also assist our partners in retaining players through ongoing personal engagement. By providing support in 31 different languages and a range of convenient support options - live chat, hotline, or email, we ensure their access to a wide range of foreign yet lucrative markets while promoting new levels of localization.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it all comes down to your sports betting business successfully competing in today's huge sports betting market. The primary goal is to connect with sports bettors and ensure that they stick with you rather than choosing one of your rivals. At Uplatform, we are very aware of the fierce competition in sports betting, what the players want, and the difficulties that businesses face in running their operations. To provide streamlined, high-quality, and efficient operations and an amazing playing experience for all players, we have created a multi-featured betting software platform that has everything businesses need to grow, profit, and thrive. In addition to addressing your operations and players, our comprehensive offer does so without requiring additional time, system integration, or financial resources.

How Mobile Apps are Changing the iGaming Industry

When considering a brand to do business with, the active on-the-go modern consumer has their expectations, and smartphone usability is one of their primary expectations. With more bettors going online, the iGaming industry isn't on its own regarding mobile access. The number of people who place mobile bets online is increasing. Players are proactively considering mobile compatibility and accessibility, along with the variety of content and payment options available. Around 55% of bettors bet on mobile devices because of convenient internet access and mobile gambling apps. With these kinds of stats, it's becoming increasingly crucial for betting operators to provide their bettors with mobile applications and mobile-friendly websites.

Furthermore, mobile betting is the only way to participate in iGaming in many developing countries worldwide. Since mobile phones are inexpensive and internet access is affordable, online betting has become the most viable method. Like in Kenya, for example, Mobile devices are used by 88% of Kenyan players for sports betting and casino games. Across such regions, mobile betting is now a fundamental part of the gambling sector.

Based on the numbers

According to data, mobile devices are increasingly becoming the preferred online betting method. Mobile betting apps are a significant reason for the industry's surge in growth, which is evident from the following statistics.

iGaming mobile apps stat

Young adults under 35 continued to use mobile phones to access online betting in 2020, according to the Gambling Commission. Women and men place bets online almost equally, with 56% placing bets online and 44% placing bets online. A surprising fact about female bettors is that they use mobile devices more frequently than male bettors, with around 55% of women placing bets through mobile devices.

Apps are on the rise

Apps are becoming more popular as more companies offer services on mobile devices. Betting companies no longer need only a mobile-friendly website. Whether betting on sports or playing casino games, most players today prefer mobile apps. Dependable mobile apps that feature fast live streaming and mobile-friendly UIs give players a fun betting experience, thus increasing the operators' prospects of earning more revenue. With attention spans shrinking, mobile apps enhance and sustain player connection by reducing the likelihood that players will become distracted and close an open browser tab unintentionally, as often happens mobile browser versions.

Mobile accessibility is an expectation these days, as outlined in the article's introduction. Apps offer a simple, intuitive, and enjoyable gambling experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Online betting is becoming increasingly popular, as mobile apps allow players to place bets quickly and safely from anywhere.

The importance of providing players with various betting options cannot be overlooked. Mobile versions of betting websites are also still very valid and effective for various factors, such as increased accessibility, simpler marketing, inexpensive traffic, and simpler management. However, mobile applications remain a necessity. Following are a few reasons why apps are a must-have:

Benefits for the players

Convenient accessibility

Apps that offer sports betting give players access to a variety of bets, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A reliable internet connection is all they need to be able to place bets seamlessly. Regardless of the time zone, players can access any betting website using their smartphones.

Using less data

Since apps only download content from remote servers when they are needed, they use less data than websites. Therefore, it is preferable to use mobile apps in regions like Africa or parts of Latin America where mobile data is expensive, or the internet connection is unstable.


Mobile apps utilize the local storage on the device to load user data quickly. The data for websites is usually stored on a server which is much slower to load when compared with mobile apps. When internet connectivity is erratic or poor, mobile apps offer an advantage in areas where data access is slower.


Often, iGaming websites are less user-friendly than apps. The challenge of fitting a website-designed layout onto a small screen can be one that leads to less friendly UX. Players require a seamless navigation interface throughout the entire betting journey, so it's crucial to offer mobile apps that give them a high-quality visual design that's stable and convenient. Also, because of their simple user interface, iGaming applications are more suitable for betting novices.

A secure environment

Many of the top names in the iGaming industry have launched secure mobile betting apps. Security features and end-to-end encryption are built into these apps. Neither the financial nor data of the bettors are at risk from hackers accessing their personal details. Two-factor authentication is available to Uplatform app users. Regardless of the player's password, they cannot log in without their fingerprint or FaceID. After ending a session, the bettor may choose whether to remain logged in or log out.

SMS & Telegram betting

Benefits for the operators

Safe and secure

In order to prevent fraud and to make apps more secure, software providers implement more security features. Operators and players both benefit from mobile applications being less prone to cyberattacks.

Regional benefits

Many households in Latam or Africa lack PCs, making smartphones the primary means of accessing the internet. Apps also use less data than websites, which makes it easier for bettors to place their bets using them. Therefore, it is crucial for operators to offer a mobile app in such markets and regions, regardless of infrastructure availability.

Enhancing retention

Most apps are designed in such a way that the player knows exactly what to do when they open them. Through a bet-friendly design and UI, players can register and wager with a single click, without rethinking their navigation process. Apps enable players to receive notifications even when they're not betting, which results in a higher retention rate, thus keeping players focused on the most important task, betting. An engaging user experience and a high retention rate result from having apps with a user-friendly layout and design.

Reputable and relevant

It is essential to have a mobile presence in order to remain relevant in today's digital world. When dealing with a brand, modern-day consumers first download the brand's mobile app. Mobile apps also increase the trustworthiness, reliability, and stability of brands, so players are more likely to choose brands that offer them.

Broader Player coverage

It might be better for some people to use a desktop version, while others prefer a mobile version, and others might prefer apps. As a result, multiple options should be available to satisfy all preferences and increase registrations and betting activity.

Improved live betting

The convenience of betting while watching a game through an app cannot be overstated. Live betting generates 46% of sports betting GGR, proving it to be one of the most popular activities. Players are increasingly relying on mobile apps to increase live betting, making them a valuable option for attracting and engaging new players.

Closing thoughts

To avoid losing out on potential players and markets, providing players with multiple options to access your sports betting or casino website is vital, and no option or version should be prioritized over another.

That's why at Uplatform, we offer our clients access to a variety of channels and options. Including desktop, light website, mobile website, apps, SMS, and Telegram betting options, which allows our partnered clients to reach more players and markets and attract and retain their players.

Our mobile apps are fast loading, adaptable, and safe, delivering a seamless user experience. Also our apps incorporate all the essentials, including a multitude of languages and payment methods, as well as a shared wallet and a simple registration process. It's easier than ever for players to register, deposit, and withdraw money with Uplatform's bespoke developed apps.

Does your iGaming business provide mobile solutions that deliver the ultimate experience to your players and enable you to reach all your desired markets? If not, contact the team at Uplatform to ensure you remain ahead of the competition and that your sports betting or casino enterprise continues to profit and expand!

Esports betting: the making of billionaire industry

Esports has evolved from a small sector to a large industry, a billion-dollar industry currently drawing in many investors from around the world. Esports has over 474 million global audiences and is expected to exceed 577 million by 2024. In this article, we will be discussing the enormous growth of this industry.


Esports’ first debut in 1972, beginning very small, has grown into one of the biggest industries worldwide. Esports first started with Spacewars - a game about steering a spaceship and shooting down the enemy. In 1980, the Atari Space Invaders competition held the first large-scale video game tournament. The Atari space event had a massive influence on the growth of Esports. Another significant moment for Esports was the Nintendo World Championships, which took place in 1990. The grand prize winner received $10,000 in cash at this event, a car, a 40-inch television, and a gold trophy.

Online games such as PUBG, Apex Legends, Call of Duty Mobile, and many more have attracted large audiences in recent years, with millions of participants and viewers. By 2028, Emergen Research predicts that the growing Esports industry will account for $5.1 billion in global revenue. During the pandemic and the lockdown era, there was an unanticipated increase of more than 170%. This growth resulted from the cancellation of big sporting events, which encouraged multiple sportsbooks to begin offering Esports betting.

The Audience

Esports, which began as a hobby for youths, now has a more diverse client base, with over 4% of female gamblers and 30% of female spectators. This is admirable in a male-dominated industry like Esports, and according to our statistics, the percentage of female Esports bettors will soon surpass 15%. Further analysis of our data shows that the majority of Esports bettors are between the ages of (23-25), although people of different ages are slowly catching on. Additionally, more than half of the audience is from the Asia-Pacific region.

Esport betting

Let's look at some popular Esports games that are now featured in gaming competitions:

  • Fighter Person Games such as Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter V, and Brawlhalla.
  • Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) like League of Legends and Dota 2.
  • First-person shooter (FPS) games like CS:GO, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends.
  • Sports games like FIFA, Rocket League, and Madden.
  • Other games like card games and real-time strategies.

Esports Betting

Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO are the most popular. Uplatform has noticed that the number of active League of Legends bettors has significantly increased over the past year. We have observed that Age of Empires players are starting to embrace the game more since its most recent release.

Top Most Anticipated Esports Events for 2022-2023

  • 2022 The International 11 - will have18 teams competing for a $500,000 prize fund.
  • League of Legends World Championship 2022 - offering a $2.2 million grand prize.
  • 2022 Asia Pacific Predator League - a prize pool worth $400,000.
  • Valorant Champions 2022 - Over 176 million viewers and $3.6 million in prize money.
  • PUBG Global Championship 2022 - includes teams from 32 countries, 18 of which are Asian.
  • LCS 2022 Championship - with an average of 123000 views and over 17 million viewing hours
  • 2022 Asian Games - hosting players from over 40 countries on different continents.
  • Hearthstone World Championship 2022 - will feature sixteen teams competing for a $50,000 prize.
  • Dreamhack 2022: Atlanta
  • Dreamhack Winter 2022

These games' popularity implies industry growth and strong future prospects. So, suppose you're an operator interested in expanding your sportsbook. In that case, it's necessary to include Esports betting options, which we at Uplatform can support by providing 300+ betting markets, 60+ Esports and games, and 9500 pre-match and live events.


Thanks to Esports, a more comprehensive range of options are available to players. The popularity of Esports among the younger demographics is rising, and betting options are becoming a necessary component of the websites or mobile apps they frequent.

The market is now attracting the attention of various demographics due to its wide exposure and interest in big tournaments. It is quickly becoming the world's most financially profitable market.

Uplatform provides extensive features, including a full-featured sportsbook, multi-device support, adaptability to different markets, in-depth event coverage, and strategic localization possibilities. Some of the Esports games we offer include, but are not limited to, Angry Birds, Call of Duty, CS:GO, and card games such as Pokemon and Hearthstone.

Working with us ensures that you will work with a team with superior industry expertise, a personal approach, and expert consulting, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

Synopsis of the iGaming in Africa

A paramount characteristic of the iGaming industry was illuminated by the COVID-19 epidemic. That being, no matter what the circumstances are, the industry can prosper. After enduring challenging times and seeing stability and strong growth over the past few years, iGaming businesses are now seeking new frontiers, such as Africa. 

The continent of Africa is expansive and diverse, home to more than 1.4 billion people speaking various languages and comprising 54 nations, making it the second-largest continent on earth. Given the widespread popularity of sports betting and online gambling in Africa, it is no surprise that Africa is attracting attention as a promising marketplace for growth.

As a result of local government's willingness to legislate online gambling and betting, the expansion of mobile networks, and the continent's continuing economic growth, various markets have flourished, populated by players who are very interested in sports betting in particular. Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa are just three flourishing nations actively setting new standards on the continent, which are also the three nations we will briefly cover in this iGaming in Africa overview.

Prevailing stats

During the forecast period 2022-2030, African gambling revenues are expected to increase from US$ 3,048.05 million in 2021 to US$ 5,637.37 million by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.99%. Gambling activities on the continent could even increase, exceeding current predictions. As more and more companies establish operations in the region.

The continent's young population and interest in sports betting are integral factors in the incredible growth of the African gambling market, with many African players in the top European football leagues being a driving factor behind the younger generation's attraction to sports betting. More than 500 African footballers, (which is about  6% of the total club's player bases), have contracts with the 11 prestigious top-tier leagues in Europe. By 2050, the proportion of young people in Africa; those aged 0 to 24 - will increase by approximately 50%, significantly contributing to the growth in sports betting. In countries where gambling is legalized, there has also been an increase of 3.9%, with stats showing that 72% of people placed a bet at least once in 2021.

Africa's growing adoption of mobile phones and the advancement of technology have further driven growth. As more advanced mobile networks roll out across Africa, internet connectivity has improved. African iGaming has seen an increase in bettors as a result of 4G networks. A growing number of African nations have 4G networks. Data from 2020 shows, that nearly 87 % of North Africa's population was covered by 4G mobile technology. There was an average of 62% coverage of 4G in Africa. The share was lowest in West Africa, at 59%. Several countries, including South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria, have recently announced plans to roll out 5G networks.

Synopsis of the iGaming in Africa

Digitization is relatively new on the continent and still undergoing widespread adoption, so there’s still a strong presence of offline betshops in Africa. Additionally, they are also viewed as an integral part of many towns' social and cultural life, which has to be considered an important factor in the region. However, when it comes to payments, countries are slowly but surely opening up to digitization through online and mobile payments. With the locals still frequenting offline betshops and the gradual transition to online, more and more operators are moving to Omni-channel solutions to have both an offline and online presence. Uplatform provides software to run your business smoothly. Delivering great versatility, whether offline or online, all players' information is shared and can be easily accessible with our Omni-Channel solution.

Another must-have for the African market is having a network of agents who will support players with their cash payments or enable placing bets for those without internet access. A multilingual and multi-functional agent scheme software is needed, providing a multi-level agent hierarchy, detailed reporting and statistics, the possibility of placing bets on behalf of the players, and the option to print bet slips.

Nations paving the way forward

South Africa 

South Africa market

According to some estimates, South Africa's gross gaming revenue will exceed $2.3 billion by 2023, making it the continent's largest gambling market. Even though it does not have the population size compared to some of its surrounding neighbors, South Africa has the third-highest GDP in Africa.

Within the next five years, sports betting is expected to double in size, accounting for 24% of industry revenues. The majority of adult South Africans place sports bets on a regular basis, according to estimates. In addition to football and horse racing, cricket, rugby, and golf are the most bet-on sports. Although South Africa offers many positives, online casino gambling remains illegal in the country. 


Nigeria market

Data from 2020 shows that Nigeria has the largest population in Africa and the highest gross domestic product at $443 billion. The fact that the nation accounts for 7% of all gambling revenue in sub-Saharan Africa is not surprising given the above figures. Nigerians bet $2 billion annually, which is a sizable amount. 

While online betting is legal, online gambling is not regulated by the federal government. Over licensing and regulatory roles and responsibilities, Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) and Nigeria Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) are at odds with each other.

To read a detailed analysis of the iGaming legalization in Africa, please follow the link.


Kenya market

As a result of the Gaming Bill of 2019, Kenyan iGaming is regulated by law. Kenya is one of Africa's largest markets; however, disputes between operators and government authorities stalled the market's expansion. GGR stats for 2020 show the market dropping to $175 million from $300 million in 2018.

Sports betting is the most popular form of activity among players in Kenya, like the rest of the continent. The number of Kenyan players is estimated to be around 7 million, with football being the most popular game among young people.

Future outlook

Following suit of Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa, several African countries are working to establish gambling frameworks and legislation. The positive impact of investment and the revenue benefits to nations that proactively implement gambling legislation are becoming increasingly attractive prospects for governments throughout the continent. 

Youth population growth, millions of individuals who love sports betting, inexpensive mobile phones, and the introduction of 4G and 5G networks may all contribute to accelerating the future transformation of the African gambling market.

Africa is vast with many different cultures, languages, payment needs, betting preferences, and habits. Therefore, there is no one fits all solution for those operators looking to succeed in this diverse and dynamic marketplace.For your business to prosper in Africa, you'll need a tailored solution backed by a team of experts who won't abandon you once the project is launched and running. We are proud to offer an effective platform with Omni-channel solutions specifically tailored to the African market catering to local online and retail needs.

Our extensive Usports sportsbook offers popular and diverse sporting events, with various odds and bets to appeal to all types of African bettors. Utools features over 300 payment methods, including local African favorites. Featuring multi-device compatibility, customized localization options, bonuses, and tools. Providing businesses with everything they need to reach players right across Africa. Furthermore, our Telegram and SMS betting allow players to place bets in areas without strong internet access, delivering operators additional markets and revenue throughout Africa.

iGaming insights to thrive in LATAM 

There is no denying the fact that Latin America has massive potential. The region is becoming quite the talk in the iGaming sector and developing as an increasingly attractive prospect, thanks to an availability of customers that has yet to be reached, along with the fact that a number of countries, including Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Uruguay, and Brazil have shown signs that their iGaming markets are growing. Adding to this potential are not only the legislative landmarks under Brazil's belt but also the prospect of soon legalizing sports betting, Brazil may quickly surpass all other countries as the world's largest market for sports betting.

Despite the great potential and progress of the countries mentioned above, setting up and being in business in LATAM is far from straightforward, as the region is vast with various markets. Businesses wanting to enter LATAM will need to have all the right ingredients, as this region is far too diverse to take a standard global approach. Thorough knowledge and understanding of the right content and solutions are required in LATAM to successfully reach and engage each country and player. 

Thanks to Uplatform's extensive data and hands-on experience across LATAM, our expert team has compiled this insightful guide with the vital information operators interested in entering the region should know.

Offer mobile-friendly solutions

Smartphones have led to massive growth in Latin America's iGaming industry. In 2020, Statista reported that 80 % of Brazilians owned smartphones, and expected to rise to 88% by 2025. Argentina and Chile had 70% adoption rates, respectively. Mobile devices are increasingly in demand in these countries since most people cannot afford PCs and consoles. Argentinean statistics from 20 indicate that 48% of households have access to the internet via a computer. Among Colombians, the rate is 44.8%, and for Brazilians, it is 38.7%.

In LATAM, light web versions, mobile apps, and mobile web versions are essential due to the high penetration of mobile internet and the low percentage of households with access to PCs. Fortunately, Uplatform offers all of them, along with SMS and Telegram betting, for operators looking to enter the LATAM market.

Localized offering

Latin America is one of the most diverse regions in the world, with 20 countries and 13 dependencies. Spanish and Portuguese are the predominant languages in most of these countries. However, there is also more diversity when considering parts of the region that speak English and Dutch. If you intend to enter these specific regions, you should tailor your project to meet these essential aspects. 

Localization includes more than just languages; it also involves local sports, leagues, and betting preferences. Considering Latin Americans are some of the most passionate football fans in the world, it's no surprise that football is the most popular sport here. Over 67% of their bets are on football. Other than the World Cup, they enjoy the Champions League, Italian Serie A, English Premier League, and Spanish La Liga. It is interesting to note that interest levels in the last two are remarkably even.

There is more to LATAM sports fans than just following big football leagues. Localized content is crucial to winning over sports bettors in this part of the world. In Latin American countries, operators also need to ensure they cover their domestic leagues and football teams also. For that reason, Uplatform offers a regionally tailored offering that is comprehensive and ready to satisfy all LATAM players. Our content is strategically localized, and tailored to suit local populations' betting preferences, offering local favorites like horse racing, motorsport, tennis, and basketball. With more than 200+ sports in line, including such exclusives as the Brazilian Campeonato Pernambucano U20 league and Chilean Tercera Division, we cover all the sporting events LATAM bettors love.

It is also important to take into account the betting experiences. Latin American countries each have their own gambling culture. Latin American players, for example, have different betting habits than European players. Generally, operators can expect lower bets at a higher frequency. Having a variety of marketing tools can help increase players' engagement, including bonuses, cross-selling, and other features. Uplatform offers a special live zone with the possibility to hold multiple live bets - to follow 2,3,4 or more events simultaneously, which is very popular in LATAM. To keep LATAM betters engaged and entertained, we also offer Bet Constructor, Bet Builder, and a range of unique bet types.

Achieve your success with Uplatform

Accommodating payment methods

The Latin American banking and payments statistics are quite different depending on the country and region. Brazil, for instance, lacks financial services like debit cards, credit cards, or even bank accounts for most adults residing in the north.

In contrast to countries like the US or Europe, Latin America does not have the same type of financial market access. The popularity of local institutions, payment networks, and fintech companies outweighs the popularity of traditional international institutions.

Mobile payments and digital wallets have become increasingly popular among consumers; although cash transactions still dominate the region, a high number of the unbanked population remains. Many Latin American countries have developed alternative payment methods for their citizens who do not have access to financial services through adaptation and innovation. Consequently, fintech, banks, and governments have embraced digital payments to improve the region's financial needs.

Betting experience and trust are improved through understanding the preferences of local bettors and offering payment options that are convenient for them in their own country. With the absence of traditional global banking institutions and the adoption of payment alternatives, Uplatform is well positioned to meet the needs of Latin American locals. In addition to electronic wallets, mobile payments, cash, e-currency exchangers, payment systems, cryptocurrency, and eVouchers, we provide various payment options. We also support many different payment processors such as Inovapay, Directa24, AstroPay, Pay4fun, Vcreditos, All4pay, and many others.

To meet the LATAM market's specific requirements and ensure businesses thrive across Latin America, Uplatform also provides a multifunctional agent scheme with a multilevel agent structure, in-depth reporting, and statistics giving businesses complete control of their operations.

Stay on top of the trends 

Number of Esport viewers

Based on a few trends, Esports in Latin America will likely grow rapidly in the coming years. There is a strong presence of Dota 2 teams, League of Legends teams, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) teams in the region. A team that wins internationally tends to grow its fan base and spread the news more quickly, and a growing ecosystem starts to blossom when sponsors and investors are attracted. This is what is slowly happening now in LATAM.

A play-in tournament for the League of Legends World Championship is being held in Mexico, along with several other tournaments. All of which can only serve as another diver in further popularizing Esports in the region.

Globally, Esports is already developing at a rate in many parts of the globe that rivals traditional sports. Latin America may not be a major esports market at the moment, however, with the expansion of local teams, steadily growing popularity, and the increase in tournaments in the region, the LATAM market is not one to be ignored. 

It is with great pride that Uplatform can state that we have been one of the providers that have been at the forefront of the Esports boom. Uplatform's impressive sportsbook allows businesses to profit in Latin America's growing Esports market. With our comprehensive sportsbook, LATAM esports fans can choose from a vast selection of esports. In addition to CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Rocket League, and other games, there are many others available as well. Including high-tier leagues, random matches, and covering numerous markets.

Get to know the laws

Legalizing, regulating, and taxing iGaming has become one of the main priorities of most South American governments in recent times. But to be sure you are within the law, you must be familiar with all local regulations.

Countries like Argentina and Uruguay are at the forefront of the efforts to enact sensible gambling laws that will boost the local economy while minimizing the negative effects of illegal betting.

On the other hand, Bolivia and Ecuador still follow rulemaking made over 100 years ago, usually by religious leaders, which has ravaged their gaming industries. Despite conservative opposition that resists change and maintains old methods, countries such as Brazil are bridging this gap by implementing legislation that modernizes the law.

The LATAM market presents many opportunities for businesses but also some challenges. However, sustainable success can be achieved through collaboration with a reliable and trusted partner with experience operating in Latin America like Uplatform. Backed by our hands-on experience and comprehensive data, we have strategically developed a proven range of effective solutions that deliver quality results.

Contact our professionals at Uplatform for expert advice on how to succeed in LATAM.

How to localize effectively with Uplatform

As businesses enter international markets, they must consider a variety of factors in addition to simply getting operational in their chosen markets. To succeed, they must do more to stand out, to be unique, and to be considered a 'local' as the level of competition increases along with the number of competitors. Here's where our handy tips for localization can help!

The importance of knowing your customer (KYC) underpins many other aspects of localization. Clearly, effective localization involves a lot of factors, so let's take a look at some of the most important ones in our valuable tips.

Tip 1.Knowing the processes, laws, and regulations

Following and understanding the laws and regulations in each region is crucial for your business's integrity and survival. Hosting, responsible gambling, advertising, and other essential aspects of the industry vary by jurisdiction. For instance, stricter policies exist in the UK market than in many other parts of the world when it comes to responsible gambling information and marketing. Companies that violate these rules can suffer significant fines or even be blacklisted. The continent of Africa is another example. At present, there are a number of different laws on the continent. The Gambling Laws implemented in Tanzania were the first of their kind in Africa and lead the way for regulated gambling, but many others have lagged behind. Particularly when it comes to iGaming, regulation is scarce. Consequently, there has been confusion in jurisdictions where authorities at a local level attempt to implement laws that are not recognized at the federal level, as in Nigeria, where government officials have limited authority to enforce online casino regulations.

Processes such as payment methods, player support, and account setup and verification may also differ depending on the infrastructure in your target market. Players must provide ID documents in some places, for example, because verification rules are stricter. While in other areas, only ID is required for withdrawals.

Tip 2. The localization of content and betting odds

If you want to attract players to your site, you must cater to their preferences. A way to accomplish this is to display regionalized content. Players have a more personalized experience with sportsbooks that focus on what the locals enjoy and follow. Take, for example, offering cricket in India, or in the UK, offering bets on local matches in lower-tier leagues, so they don't just have Premier League football. As a result, the company demonstrates its knowledge and care for the local community. Although content can be further personalized, the mere act of catering to what the locals love can dramatically increase player retention rates.

Top Football leagues in LATAM in 2021

For instance, Latin America is known for its football fan base, so let's take a look at its preferences. In the above infographic, it is evident that the Spanish league "La Liga" has the most fans in LATAM. This may be due to its top Brazilian and Argentine players and their close cultural and linguistic ties. Making league competitions a must-have for any sports betting site. In addition to others on this list.

To cater to all those regional needs, go with a sportsbook provider that specializes in your region and offers a wide range of sports and events. In this regard, Uplatform checks all the boxes. Sports and events from around the world are covered by our extensive coverage. The choice of low-tier leagues, local and amateur matches, and unique sports like Bubble Football ensures players are entertained and engaged.

You can also cater to every market by offering different odds formats, such as American, English, Decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malay. British and Irish bookmakers often offer fractional odds (also known as British odds, UK odds, or traditional odds). A decimal odds system is used in continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada (also known as European odds, digital odds, or continental odds). If you provide odds that players in a specific region are familiar with, your popularity and profits rise along with local trust.

Also, understanding the preferences of players in each region is essential when it comes to casino games. Hunting and fishing-based skill-based games are increasingly popular in the Asian market. CIS markets, however, continue to be dominated by classic themed slots.

Tip 3. Addressing problems with access

The technology and internet penetration of each market must be considered. In order to ensure your website is functional on desktop computers and mobile devices, it must be flexible and can be accessed on a variety of devices. Also look into other devices that your target market uses. For people with slow internet connections like parts of regions in Africa or LATAM, websites must be extremely lightweight so players can swiftly and easily move between pages. The primary means of accessing the internet in those regions is through mobile devices since most households don't have computers. In order to meet the needs of African and Latin American bettors, operators need to provide multi-device solutions; Uplatform provides fully customizable web pages, apps on iOS, Android, and Windows.

As an alternative to using the internet, SMS betting gives players the option of betting without an internet connection. Since most players use their mobile devices for online gambling and betting, mobile versions and apps are essential in not just the European market but as well as many other markets around the world.

localize effectively with Uplatform

Tip 4. Solutions for payment

In order to be successful, local payment methods and systems must be offered. Payment methods that are familiar to players are preferred. The process of creating a new account just adds another step to the betting experience that may not be convenient for players. It is imperative to provide a service that will meet consumer needs while simultaneously providing high levels of payment security and complete convenience. Few players have bank cards or electronic wallets that are widely used in other regions, and different payment systems and cards have a relatively low penetration rate in the African market. The popularity of mobile and card payments is indicated by this. Players in Asia and Latin America typically use regional payment methods.

Gambling is not permitted in the UK with credit cards. Although Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are among the other payment methods available. Many British bettors choose to fund their accounts by using debit or prepaid cards, which are also widely used on mobile devices.

Over 300 payment options are available on Uplatform worldwide, including credit cards, e-wallets, online payment processors, cryptocurrencies, and alternative local payment methods. In addition to providing increased convenience, these methods facilitate access to more markets. In order to stay competitive, businesses must be flexible when introducing new payment methods based on market needs and conditions.

Tip 5. Accommodating a range of Languages

Successful localization depends heavily on language. It is, therefore, necessary for betting platforms to use regional terminology and vocabulary, keeping in mind that even within the US and the UK, these are different. The American speaker might use juice or vigorish instead of the term edge, cut, or margin that a British speaker would use. The Australian term pokies refers to slot machines that are also known as fruit machines and one-armed bandits in the UK.

There are some countries where the population does not know English, and they speak rare languages. As a result, operators must provide versions of their websites in the players' mother tongues in order to keep up with regional needs..

At Uplatform, we are very proud to offer language localization in over 65 languages, such as Khmer, Lingala, Icelandic, Tajic, and Brazilian Portuguese. Furthermore, the support team needs to communicate with players in any language specified on the website to establish trust and build loyal relationships. Providing first line support in 31 languages, Uplatform helps businesses reach more global markets and retain their players through a personalized connection.

Tip 6. Marketing that is tailored to the customer

A successful marketing strategy is essential if you are expanding into new regions. A culturally sensitive, relevant, and appropriate advertisement is vital to attracting and retaining players.

As far as iGaming is concerned, some countries are further along than others. Operators must explain to their players how to use an online platform in countries where there isn't yet a strong culture of online betting. It is also necessary to localize platform promotion. CIS countries benefit from influencers and streamers, while other regions benefit from using agents. By acting as an intermediary, agents simplify the process for new online bettors by handling things like withdrawals and verifications.

All over the world, introductory bonuses, such as those found in welcome packages, are generally well received. However, there are some regional factors to consider. In some regions, bonus quests should incorporate gamification. In order to gain access to the bonus amount, you typically have to complete tasks or challenges.

It is easy for players to stay engaged with Uplatform's bonus solution. Uplatform offers rewards to players, such as first deposits and new account registration, in addition to well-known bonuses like cashback and loyalty programs. Along with gamification and missions of high quality to appeal to those players who enjoy the gamification playing experience. Also, with advanced reporting, segmentation, and targeting capabilities, Uplatform's bonus solutions allow businesses to create bonuses targeted to specific audiences based on their own data.

Final words

It is not only content and the culturally diverse aspects of different world regions as betting expands across the globe that needs to be taken into consideration. It is also an aspect of betting regulation and, in some cases, payment laws. While some countries have introduced stringent regulations that make things more transparent for businesses looking to set up operations, others still lag behind or provide little clarity. So it is a great idea to ensure you have all your bases covered and deal with providers who have experience and know all about the challenges and what it takes to localize for different markets successfully.

Through our team of experts with vast knowledge of operating in all markets no matter the size or complexity, our team at Uplatform has and continues to develop localization solutions that help businesses grow and gain the momentum they need to succeed. Great expansion is possible as a result of our flexible and extensive selection of localization solutions. Businesses can create a recognizable, impactful brand that produces results on a global level by developing a trustworthy presence in the markets that their brands target.

If you are looking to connect authentically with your customers and grow your brand using proven localization solutions that deliver results, contact our expert team at

Betting For The Next Generation

The next generation of sports bettors driving the gambling industry forward are Millennials and Gen Z. With the advantages this brings there are apprehensions within the industry that these generations of bettors may disregard traditional betting markets.

At Uplatform, we are very interested in factors and data on global populations. We believe that millennial and Gen Z demographics are essential to the future success and sustainability of the gambling industry.

This generation is digitally proficient, financially astute, socially aware, and likes to be connected to everything around them. Sports have always had a social component that connects people, whether it be at the neighborhood sports field, the pub, or in your garden with friends. Within the gambling industry, a new kind of fan connection has appeared. Offering the prospect of predicting hundreds of outcomes from a single game thanks to sports betting.

Gen-Z is frequently viewed as being more frugal and less inclined to spend on frivolous goods, yet they are prepared to part with their cash when it comes to interesting and engaging social events. With a little more understanding and a strategic approach, sports betting has the potential to become a market that tremendously appeals to this generation. 

Keeping An Eye on Trends

We can learn a lot from Gen Z, such as how they spend their excess cash and how they use the Internet. CivicScience study research indicates Generation Z is more likely than previous generations to be interested in innovative betting methods. 

Given the intense competition and the reality that 60% of consumers aged 25 and under have stuck with one brand after signing up with the business, it's crucial to provide these audiences with offers they can't pass up.

How Can This Be Attained?

The answer to this question lies in the palm of Gen Z's hands. We are talking about a generation where everything revolves around mobile phones. It's expected that they'll be the largest generation in the workplace and the most populous generation in a few years as well. Thus, they'll be able to spend more globally since they'll have more disposable income. Businesses that want to engage Generation Z successfully must tap into their everyday world, the world of mobile phones.

Therefore, it is unquestionably advantageous to make betting sites efficient, simple to use, and compatible with various mobile devices. This is where Uplatform shines and offers a range of user-friendly responsive templates. In addition to mobile apps and web versions for all devices, we offer intuitive iOS, Android, and Windows apps, as well as Telegram betting. By leveraging the social element of the GenZ and GenY behavior, Telegram can be effective for reaching and engaging next-generation bettors.

The ability to bet online from anywhere appeals to GenZ bettors. Considering that this group enjoys small, fast bets, we can see in the following how mobile betting is their goto method:

Large bets are more common for desktop users but less frequent. When it comes to betting numbers, mobile betting is on top. Desktops at 22.64% are lagging behind mobiles which have 77.16 %. GenZ bettors use mobile devices more frequently, but they bet smaller amounts. It is appealing from them to bet on the go and quickly. Mobiles must be considered if betting operators wish to deliver an attractive and positive user experience to this demographic. 

Betting For The Next Generation

New Verticals And A New Generation

Globally, esports is expected to generate $2.55 billion in revenue by 2022, and younger generations are at the forefront of its popularity and growth. Considering they were raised or born during an age when digital technology was exploding, where computers and mobile phones were everywhere, this shouldn't be a surprise. Compared to previous generations, they are more connected to Esports and are no strangers when it comes to video games.

Uplatform's data shows that 94% of Esports bettors are under 30 years old. To successfully serve this market, operators have to offer high-quality and varied betting options for this vertical.

Regarding Esport games, Uplatform stats indicate that CS:GO, Dota 2, and League of Legends are the most popular Esports; more than 91% of bets are placed on these games. Betting on Age of Empires, Valorant, StarCraft II, and Quake is also on the rise. As a result of GenZ's preference to Esports, our team has dedicated its resources to covering all the prominent Esports. Including fun and cult titles like Angry Birds and Undercooked. This results in targeting a larger audience and boosting brand loyalty. Sportsbooks with a broader selection of betting types and markets, along with popular and unique Esports will provide Gen Z bettors the ultimate Esports selection.

Another vertical that resonates with GenZ is competing professionally in fantasy sports, using proxies of real players to form virtual teams. With over 7 million players worldwide and growing yearly, the Fantasy Premier League, founded in 2002, is just one great example. The fantasy sports market is estimated to reach $43.35 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 13.6 percent.

The popularity of fantasy sports and leagues is growing as fast as wagering on them, making fantasy sports a must-have vertical for attracting next-generation bettors. Due to the increased youth population, the expansion of digital infrastructure, the affordable nature of smartphones, and the increasing popularity of various sports, the market has seen tremendous growth.

Creative Selections

Instead of betting for instant profits, Gen Z prefers betting for fun and entertainment. Providing creative, interactive, and different betting options is therefore vital.

A gamification element can make betting more attractive. Gamification is part of our selection of bonuses at Uplatform. In order to determine what types of gamification elements to include in your service, it is vutal to know who your players are before you take this approach. 

Gamification with a social emphasis would be beneficial for brands that are immersed in the social interaction of their players. Users can, for example, earn followers when placing bets and see how many people have placed the same bet. Socializing with others via chat apps with others who have placed the same bet is another way to offer Gen Z an experience that is meaningful and beneficial. As everyone shares a common interest, making it easier to relate. This also creates a sense of belonging to a community, which is extremely helpful if you want to retain users even if they are not winning.

Betting companies often use covert incentives to make their customers feel rewarded, such as giving a player a more individualized offer. The random nature of this strategy also makes individuals feel unique and that they deserve it.

Future Perspectives

One of the main issues is engaging Gen-Z. Leagues and broadcasters run the danger of losing an entire generation if they don't adapt to new technology and shifts in customer preferences. Generation Z has long been criticized for being "unreachable," but those businesses that seek out an approach to strategically reach and connect with this generation will undoubtedly succeed. 

Betting businesses can prosper in the future if they adapt their offerings to take full advantage of the outstanding sportsbook and optimized solutions Uplatform already provides.

The Evolution and rise of mobile betting

Whether it's food delivery, social media or editing images, shopping, or booking transport, mobile phones are used for everything today. The statistics on mobile betting, however, may surprise some. Approximately 55% of online bettors use their mobile devices to place bets. Taking into account that 26% of the population gambles, try to estimate how many people are looking at their phones right now and betting. Mobile devices accounted for 70% of online betting revenue in 2020 according to Uplatform's statistics team. There are several betting verticals covered in this stat, including sports betting, casino games, bingo, lotteries, and poker games, to name just a few.

People stats

Thanks to the widespread availability of internet and data coverage from parks, cafés, and even subways, practically anybody with a mobile phone may access online betting. According to a 2020 Gambling Commission report, mobile phones are the most prevalent means for young adults under 35 to access online betting.

Men and women bet online in about similar percentages, with 56% of men and 44% of women doing so. In fact, female bettors tend to use mobile devices more frequently than their male counterparts. Women account for about 55% of all mobile bets.

Why do players like to bet on their mobiles?

One of the key reasons is complete convenience. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular among players since they are quick, simple to use, and always accessible to bet on, no matter where you are. They also do not require any physical effort, like that of paying a visit to the local bookmaker to place a bet. Players can now play casino games and place bets online practically anywhere, at any time, and with ease, thanks to the growing availability of fast and inexpensive 4G and 5G connections.

A significant development worth mentioning is the growing network of private satellites orbiting the earth. Starlink, a bold venture from Elon Musk, plans to provide internet access to anyone on the planet. These types of initiatives can only lead to an increase in the number of bettors worldwide. As of now, Starlink is available in 32 countries, and by 2022 it will be available in every country right across the globe. Satellites are used instead of mobile phone towers or common Fibre-to-the-Node broadband network architecture services, so even the most remote areas can access the internet. From camping deep in a forest or while exploring the bottom of the Grand Canyon users will still be able to get a high-speed Internet connection between 80-120 Mbps, which is sufficient to browse the web and run video streaming platforms and play popular games.

This is a stat that might surprise some. Gambling and playing casino games on mobile devices is still largely an activity mostly a home-based activity. So, there's nothing better than playing from the comfort of your own home, right? Otherwise, where else can you play? See below for more information.

betting stats Uplatform

Mobile betting is the only way to participate in iGaming in many developing countries. Since mobile phones are inexpensive and internet access is affordable, online betting has become the most popular and favorite option. Kenyans, for instance, use their mobile devices to place bets or play casino games 88% of the time.

Europe is also seeing a rise in mobile betting via smartphones and tablets. The number of bets placed via such devices was 44.6% in 2019. A projected 61.5% market share is expected by 2026, a significant increase from 50.5% by 2021.

CGR stats Uplatform

Across the globe, mobile devices are being used on a much greater scale than desktop or laptop computers, as can be seen in the infographic. The increased adoption of smartphones coupled with the improvement of internet accessibility is fueling the iGaming mobile market boom.

mobile betting

The Past and Future of Mobile Betting

Mobile betting has not been a brand-new concept. It has been around for nearly two decades. Would you believe it? On the first generation of Nokia phones, the very first online casinos were installed.

This actually happened back in the early 2000s, when the first Nokia phones were released. The first mobile casinos also appeared on these Nokia phones. Although, the industry didn't see massive growth until iOS and Android were launched, as evidenced by many of the iGaming stats. It seems, for now, that iOS and Android phones have changed the mobile betting landscape for years to come.

For a variety of factors, mobile internet gaming has seen rapid growth. The most important driving factor is mobile apps. The fact that there is an app for almost everything these days, games and applications being at the center of the iGaming experience is something that cannot be overlooked. The true potential of mobile gaming became evident with the debut of the first online casinos with virtual gambling, and much has evolved since then. Digital casinos' dynamic nature has allowed them to adapt effectively to mobile technology, which is one of the reasons for their success.

In today's iGaming landscape, having a mobile-friendly website isn't enough for betting businesses. Regardless of whether they want to bet on sports or play casino games, players are now compelled to download a mobile app. It's no wonder, then, that the number of betting companies developing native mobile apps is increasing. Also, mobile applications with quality live streaming and mobile-friendly UI's provide players with convenient and enjoyable betting experiences, as well as increased revenue for operators, especially in an era when attention spans are decreasing.

As a full-service platform provider, Uplatform more than adequately satisfies all the market requirements and playing demands. We not only provide full and light versions of betting websites, but we also provide quick, versatile, secure, and user-friendly applications that deliver all of the necessary capabilities to meet the current iGaming industry's needs.

There have never been more ways to get involved in sports betting or casino entertainment than now due to Uplatform's amazing multi-device solutions. With convenient access via our fast and secure mobile and desktop apps, SMS and Telegram betting, and more than 300+ payment methods including GooglePay and ApplePay. Uplatform provides one of the most comprehensive and effective platforms in the industry today.

Final words

It's no longer a question of whether or not mobile betting is the way of the future. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and we carry them with us wherever we go.

This is why the whole Uplatform team strives to deliver the greatest mobile betting experiences. Not merely by providing players with rewarding and dynamic experiences. But also by catering to the demands of geographical regions without basic internet infrastructure through effective localized mobile access simplicity.

The key difference between Uplatform and most betting platforms is that our products are developed with a performance strategy to deliver results. Taking full consideration of the customer and their journey, the way we have designed our platform enables us to comfortably, swiftly, and effectively guide players through the registration process and into active betting, which has so far delivered a conversion rate of 35 percent or higher to our clients.

Is your iGaming brand ready to compete in the exploding world of mobile betting? Let our experienced team show you how our strategically developed platform can help your business profit from the global mobile betting market boom.

Endless summer of slots

For many, summer is their favorite season. From endless warm days to breathtaking sunsets, there is something about summer that we truly enjoy. Summer is synonymous with fun, vibrant days filled with loads of sunshine, ice-cool drinks, and beach parties. We could wax poetic about all the fantastic possibilities at this time of year, but we're letting these superb slots speak for themselves. To celebrate this great season and inspire your players for things to do this summer, we've assembled a collection of summer-themed slot games!

1. Explore the Louvre's art collections

High 5 Games - Da Vinci Gems
Da Vinci Gems

Have your players immerse themselves in the fun of super big bedazzling entertainment and magnificent gameplay in Da Vinci Gems From High 5 Games as they follow the master artist Da Vinci into his secret lair filled with prized gems! Da Vinci Gems will delight players with mountains of glorious gemstones. A treasure trove of riches awaits your players as they spin their way to precious stone-filled fortunes.

  • 10 reels, 10 rows
  • The slot contains the following features: Cluster Pays, Free Games Bonus, Racking up riches feature, and Transform symbols

2. Discover the Olympus Gods in Greece

KA Gaming - Legend of Athena
Legend of Athena

Give your players a summer thrill as they journey to the ancient temples of bygone Greek civilizations in KA Gaming's Legend of Athena slot. Your players will be thrust into a world filled with Spartan helmets, razor-sharp swords, and the mythical Pegasus, each symbolically divine in its unique way. Athena is the wild symbol, and players need to watch out for her mystic charms as she can replace all the other symbols to help them hit some winning combinations.

  • 5 reels, 3 rows, 50 paylines
  • The wild symbol replaces all but the scatter symbol
  • 3 scatter symbols activate free spins
  • If players receive a Wild symbol during a Free spins game, they will receive more free spins

3. Take a trip to ancient Egypt

PragmaticPlay - Fortune of Giza
Fortune of Giza

Pragmatic Play's Fortune of Giza sets the stage for your players to shine with winnings this summer season. Set to the fascinating and mystical backdrop of the great pyramids in the second-largest city in Egypt, your players will be thrust to the legendary times of ancient Egypt, where among the dunes of sand and grand pyramids are many treasures and secrets to be recovered.

  • 4 reels, 3 rows
  • The Bonus round feature is triggered when 3 scatters land on reels 1 ,3 and 5 at the same time
  • The Bonus round consists of 3x3 reel set which determines how many free spins can be won (between 9 and 27 spins), including sticky multiplier wilds
  • When the Wild symbol appears, it adds a random multiplier of x2 to x3

4. Enjoy some summer sweets

Pragmatic Play - Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush

Turn your players summer into sweet winning success with Sugar Rush from Pragmatic Play. Your players will be in a sugar-filled frenzy when they dive into the rolling reels with this candy wonderland. Jam-packed with jelly beans, chewy gummy bears, candy-shaped hearts, and plenty of pink lollipops. The beautiful graphics and vibrant gameplay of Sugar Rush will deliver your players the ultimate rush that they'll be coming back for more.

  • 7 reels, 7 rows
  • Cluster pays system
  • Wins trigger the tumble feature
  • Whenever a winning symbol is removed, its position is highlighted on the grid. If a winning symbol is removed from a highlighted area, a multiplier is placed there. Multipliers have a starting value of x2, doubling every time winning symbols are removed on top of it, up to x128
  • Landing 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatter symbols during a tumble sequence in the base game awards 10, 12, 15, 20, or 30 free spins
  • Buy free spins feature


5. Set sail on the high seas

Slotfactory - Heavy Metal Pirates
Heavy Metal Pirates

A seabound ship beckons your players to join the pirates and embark on a high seas adventure with Slot Factory's Heavy Metal Pirates slot game. This is not your run-of-the-mill everyday Pirate-themed slot game; the crazy crew onboard has more than just musical flair on their minds; they are also seeking to declare their fair share of the winnings. So laying claim to the fortune and treasure won't be so easy. This band of renegade Heavy Metal Pirates knows how to rock more than just the boat.

  • 5 reels, 3 rows
  • If the players have at least two Ship’s Wheel Bonus symbols at the start of a win line they’re awarded with the Rockin’ Riches Mini Game
  • A Spin Pick will take the player straight to a Wheel of Fortune. A Bonus Pick will award them with an instant multiplier win, and an Upgrade Pick will increase the value of all the multipliers on the Wheel of Fortune – unless they’re already at their maximum
  • 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins symbols anywhere on a win line, will bring 5, 10 or 15 Free Spins
  • More Wilds are added to the reels during Free Spins
  • Progressive Mega Jackpot feature

6. Enjoy a fresh basket of tasty fruits

Holle Games - Fruits 6 Deluxe
Fruits 6 Deluxe

Fruits 6 Deluxe by Hölle Games is a red-hot and delicious fruit-filled gaming experience that will have your players taste buds tingling with delight. Following hot on the heels of Hölle Games original classic-themed online video slot launched back in November 2021. The Fruits 6 Deluxe edition features an additional reel and a ladder feature. The reels are bursting with watermelons, cherries, lemons, oranges, grapes, sevens on fire, and piping hot chilies to keep your player all fired up this summer.

  • 6 reels, 4 rows
  • Seven in fire acts like a Scatter symbol
  • If 3, 4, 5 or 6 of fruit symbols land anywhere in view, the player receives either 7, 14, 21 or 28 honorary spins, respectively
  • There’s also a risk feature - Card and Ladder where players can gamble their wins and increase the prize by betting on the color of the card or suit

7. Deep sea fish for Atlantis lost treasures

BGaming - Big Atlantis Frenzy
Big Atlantis Frenzy

A magnificent spinning reel exploration awaits your players in the dangerous depths of the ocean in BGaming's Atlantis Frenzy slot. The city of Atlantis and its golden rich treasures may have been lost to the sea, and the guardians of the oceans could rise anytime to defend the treasures that lie miles below the ocean floor. Yet, that does not stop those brave players willing to turn the tide of the unknown into their own good fortune.

  • 5 reels, 5 rows, 20 paylines
  • 3+ Bonus symbols dropped on the reels trigger Free Spins
  • The number of initial Free Spins depends on the number of Bonus symbols: 3 Bonus symbols – 10 Free Spins, 4 Bonus symbols – 15 Free Spins, 5 Bonus symbols – 20 Free Spins
  • Fish symbols are special symbols with a random amount of money attached to them. If 3 or more Fish symbols appear on a payline in the main game, they pay the amount of each Fish
  • Buy Free spins feature

8. Prospecting for glorious gold

Netgame - Charming Gold: Hold ‘n’ Link
Charming Gold

Charming Gold: Hold 'n' Link from Netgame will engross your players in some summer fantasy fun this holiday season. In this classic Fairy Tale themed slot game, players will experience a compelling and captivating quest filled with all the icons straight from the pages of every Fairy Tale you can imagine: ladybirds, gold coins, rabbit's tails, four-leaf clovers, and horseshoes. Charming Gold: Hold 'n' Link, features all the renowned folklore lucky charms to ensure your players are on the right path to winning big.

  • 5 reels, 3 rows and 243 ways to win
  • The slot has 4 special symbols: Heroine Wilds, Orb Scatters, Spheres, and Burst symbols
  • 3, 4, or 5 Orb Scatters trigger the Free Spins feature with 5, 10, or 15 free spins
  • More free spins can be triggered if more Orb Scatters land on the reel
  • Whenever a Burst symbol lands together with at least one Sphere symbol, it will trigger the Burst feature, bursting all Spheres and awarding players all their prizes in the process
  • Land 6 or more Spheres/Burst symbols at any point to trigger the titular Hold ‘n’ Link feature. All triggering symbols will stay on the board and the player receives 3 respins, with new Spheres that land, always resetting the counter back to 3
  • The goal is to collect as many Spheres as possible, if the entire board is filled with Spheres, the player will win the Grand jackpot worth 1,000x their bet!

9. Spend the night at a magical castle

Spinomenal - Queen Of Fire - Frozen Flames
Queen of fire

Summertime is all about the nice warm weather. But when things start to really heat up this summer, let your players cool down with the ice-cool slot Queen Of Fire - Frozen Flames by Spinomenal. There is never a dull moment when playing with the volatile Queen Of Fire; reels are filled with magic potions, gold chalices, and amethyst gemstones. In this visually stunning video slot with a great soundtrack, players will be mesmerized by the Queen's icy charms.

  • 5 reels, 4 rows and 10 paylines
  • Free Spins, Bonus Games are present in the slot, 3 scatter symbols, or 3 bonus symbols activate them
  • Buy a bonus feature

A Definitive Guide to Betting Odds

Localizing is often viewed as a simple process that involves a few language translations, and businesses are ready to expand into new markets. iGaming is truly a global industry, so comprehensive localization needs to be a part of your business strategy.

Comprehensive localization goes beyond language to include not just providing more alternatives for customers but also satisfying local expectations. This includes the most popular sporting events in each region, offering odds on local matches in lower-tier leagues giving customers more personal choices. Betting odds are also an extremely significant factor that should not be overlooked. There are different betting customs and nuances around the world. Cultures in different parts of the world are accustomed to the way they bet and have their own ways of assessing the odds and what makes sense to them. Being able to provide different odds formats, such as American, English, Decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian, and Malay odds, not only sets you apart from your competitors but also ensures your business meets the preferences and expectations of the individual market.

For instance, fractional odds (aka "British" odds, "U.K." odds, or "traditional" odds) are popular among British and Irish bookies. Decimal odds (also called "European odds," "digital odds," or "continental odds") are prevalent in continental Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. By providing odds representing the region, you will increase your popularity and profitability along with local trust.

To learn what is the difference between types of odds, how to calculate returns for each format and convert from one to the other, keep reading this article.

Differences in odd types:

  • American odds (Moneyline)
    The odds are presented in American betting markets with a minus (-) or plus (+) number in front of the numbers. Positive odds indicate how much money will be won on a $100 wager. Moneyline odds represent how much must be wagered to win $100 if the figure quoted is negative. In other words, a bet of $100 at -180, the bettor needs to stake $180 to win $100. A wager at +300 wins the bettor $300 for every $100 wagered.
  • Decimal odds
    Odds are presented in decimal form (also called European odds). To calculate decimal odds, divide 1 by the decimal odds. For example, if the odds are 1.65, bettors divide 1/1.65 to get the probability, which would be 0.606, then add 100, leaving a probability of 60.6%.
  • Fractional odds
    The odds are presented (used most commonly in the UK) in a fractional format and look at the amount gained over the original bet. In other words, a 4/1 bet is worth $4 and the bettor gets $1 back for a win.
  • Hong Kong odds
    Hong Kong odds are quite similar to the decimal odds format. The odds in Hong Kong are presented as the net return for a winning bet of one unit. At 0.50 Hong Kong odds, winning $10 bets would return $15.00, or $5.00 profit (50% return).
  • Indonesian odds
    Indonesian odds come in two types: positive and negative. The odds at which bets pay out at a higher payout are called positive indo odds. There will either be a '+' symbol before the number, or no symbol at all. The number will represent the odds of a wager, similar to American odds. However, it will be calculated on the basis of one unit wagered. Indo bets that are negative are the inverse of positive indo bets. Negative odds are indicated by a '-' symbol before the digits. As with positive odds, negative indo odds are also based on one unit. Despite this, the number shown does not represent how much the bettor could win - it represents how much the bettor needs to wager to win one unit.
  • Malay odds
    The Malay odds use 0 as the base, which means even odds. A positive number indicates a favourite, while a negative number indicates an underdog. We consider this to be a very simplified system that's easy to understand.
    Positive Malay Odds:
    Positive Malay odds mean that for every unit a bettor wagers, they earn less than a unit in profit. Positive Malay odds have a '+' symbol or no symbol at all. A smaller number means a lower reward. As an example, if the odds of a team winning are just +0.1, then the bettor will win 0.1 units for every unit wagered.
    Negative Malay Odds:
    In contrast to positive Malaysian odds, negative Malaysian odds require betting on an underdog or unlikely outcome, resulting in higher profits. There is a "-" preceding negative Malaysian odds. In the Malay odds, a team with odds of -0.5 would be an example. A bettor will get their stake back plus two units for a bet of one unit.

We hope our short and easy-to-read guide has covered everything you need to know about the different types of odds. Applying this knowledge to your betting business will help you not only compete with your competitors but also meet the preferences and expectations of local betting markets, irrespective of where you do business.

Interested in growing and expanding your brand to more markets? Let our experienced team show you how our Usports API can help.

iGaming regulations in Africa

From sports betting to classic casino games, Africa has seen a significant surge in the number of online players - when contrast to two years ago, the popularity of sports betting in particular, has truly soared throughout the continent.

Many variables have led to the explosive expansion of online gambling and betting; one of the most notable is the COVID pandemic, which has compelled players to shift away from land-based casinos due to restrictions and constraints on movement. Another factor driving this growth is the presence of emerging technology.

The South African government reports that 72% of adult populations betted at least once. In terms of popularity, sports betting dominates all other forms of gambling in Africa. Many African players playing for Top European teams have inspired the youth to bet on European football. While rugby, cricket, and horse racing are still popular due to the country's cultural and sporting heritage.

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regulations africa
iGaming Legislation

The legislative environment on the continent is currently rather myriad. For example, Tanzania is among the few African nations that have taken the lead in implementing iGaming regulations, while others languish with no significant progress.

When it comes to online gambling and betting, there is relatively little regulation. As a result, global iGaming businesses are free to operate throughout the continent. However, in countries where regional authorities seek to impose and enforce laws that are not recognized at the federal level, such as Nigeria, this has created ambiguity.

With an eye on the bigger picture regarding the scale of iGaming and legislation, only a few African countries forbid gambling and betting on cultural or religious grounds. These countries are quite limited in number; if more countries follow in the footsteps of countries like Tanzania, this might eventually lead to complete legalization and industry regulation right across the continent.

regulations africa

Regulation and enforcement around iGaming in Africa are likely to follow the lead of regulators in Europe, the US and Asia. The international community also urges the online gambling and betting industry to join the battle against global financial crime. This worldwide push against corruption will not exclude Africa as more government agencies seek more security. Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda are leading the way to pass specific iGaming regulations. In addition, such cooperative initiatives shown by countries involved in conferences such as The Gaming Regulators Africa Forum will significantly boost legislative regulation in Africa.

Let's take a look at four African iGaming nations. These four countries were chosen based on online gambling and betting popularity and how each is dealing with regulating iGaming.

South Africa

National supervisory body for Responsible Gambling:

  • The National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP).

Legislative Gambling Acts:

  • National Gambling Act of 2004.
  • The National Gambling Amendment Act 2008.
  • Remote Gambling Bill 2014.

Gambling in South Africa underwent a drastic transformation following Apartheid. Land-based casinos, lotteries, bingo and betshops were legalized under the National Responsible Gambling Programme (NRGP), a regulatory body. The NRGP regulations are for offline businesses and, unfortunately, excluded most types of online gambling.

Betting on registered online sports betting sites was permissible under the National Gambling Act of 2004. Although, online casino games, online bingo, and online poker were excluded from the 2004 Act. A revision of The National Gambling Amendment Act, revised in 2008, saw a reasonable chance of legalizing all forms of online gambling. Still, the act has not changed per the 2004 regulations.

In summary; South Africa has legalized online betting, but online casinos are at present illegal.

A draft Bill for the Remote Gambling Bill was tabled in parliament in 2014, inviting the South Africans to express their views on the country's potential legalization of online gambling. The results have not yet been made public./p>


Offline and online gambling and betting sectors in Ghana regulated by the following associations and law:

  • Ghana Gaming Commission (GGC).
  • National Lottery Authority (NLA).
  • Gaming Act 721 in 2006.

Ghana has taken great strides in legislating its gambling and betting both offline and online. Offline and online gambling and betting are entirely legal and governed by the Ghana Gaming Commission (GGC) in Ghana. Except for the lottery, which the National Lottery Authority administers (NLA).

The GGC is the primary regulating body for iGaming sectors in Ghana, regulating and issuing licenses to casino and sports betting operators.


Offline and online gambling and betting in Nigeria is largely governed by the following laws:

  • National Lottery Act 2005.
  • National Lottery Regulations 2007(as amended).
  • Lagos State Lotteries Law 2004 (applicable only in Lagos State) among various lotteries laws in other states.

Government agencies regulating offline gambling and betting and iGaming in Nigeria:

  • National Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC).
  • Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB).
  • Other State Lotteries Boards.

While Nigerians enjoy the popularity of gambling and betting, the Nigerian regulatory system is a bit confusing and lacking in direction. Online sports betting, for instance, is legal in Nigeria. Online gambling, however, is still unregulated by the federal government. Despite the fact that it is illegal to own or operate an online casino in Nigeria, the government has no power to prohibit Nigerians from playing at online casinos based outside of the country (currently there is no regulation, but it's not prohibited).

In addition, government direction is absent in gambling formats like lotteries. The Nigeria Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) and the Lagos State Lotteries Board (LSLB) are both Regulatory bodies that are at odds with each other claiming the right to regulate lotteries.

The legal gambling activities in the country are the lottery, land-based casino gaming, and sports betting, according to these laws. Meanwhile, games like Roulette, dice games, and non-skilled card games are deemed illegal. Additionally, slot machines are regulated, but only licensed operators can offer them.


Regulatory body for gambling and betting:

  • Betting control and licensing board.

Main law that governs gambling and betting activities:

  • The Gaming Bill 2019, designed to replace the 1966 Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act.

The Kenyan iGaming market has been regulated with the Gaming Bill of 2019 with sports betting being the most popular activity among Kenyan players.

What can Uplatform do for your business?

Although the African market is actively developing and expanding, it is one of the regions in the world where not all providers understand the needs of the market comprehensively or have addressed issues with the region's digital accessibility or payments requirements.

Business success in Africa depends on several requirements. And the Uplatform team understands the requirements for businesses to flourish in Africa. That's why our solutions provide a sportsbook that covers an extensive range of popular and unique sporting events and a variety of local leagues, championships and bets to appeal to a broad range of players. Over 300 payment methods, including local African ones, multi-device compatibility, comprehensive localization, and customization tools, so businesses can target and attract players right across the continent. In addition, our Telegram and SMS betting solutions address the issue of accessibility, helping those regions with inadequate internet connections to place bets, and opening up even more prospective markets and players throughout Africa.

Uplatform provides a complete and flexible solution with all the tools you need to achieve sustainable growth and profit in Africa.

Demographics and the implications for igaming

In recent years, many industries have centered their content and marketing strategies on younger generations, with millennials commonly the primary target. However, technology has been embraced more than ever right across the generational spectrum. From baby boomers to Gen X, who still enjoy gambling entertainment, to the dynamic of Gen Z, who have a fresh technology-infused take on everything, businesses need to know what demographic changes are occurring and their implications for iGaming.

Every industry must maintain a good relationship with its customers. With customer loyalty becoming more difficult to obtain due to rising competition, industries and businesses across the globe are striving to shape their products to match evolving trends. Since the advent of online casinos, we have seen how player demographics have shaped the content in casino games, particularly as young people have entered the market looking for all things fast-paced, adventurous, and unpredictable.

Casinos used to market to demographics that played "games of chance", such as roulette, video poker, blackjack, and craps. Each gaming segment had its own goals, but the demographics represented were usually all men and women between the ages of 30 and 50. The gambling world was much easier for operators to navigate back some years ago.

Following are several interesting insights our Uplatform team has observed regarding demographics and casino gaming content.

Trends in Gaming

The success of Esports in the 2000s, catering primarily to a more youthful audience, made it evident that there was value in investing in this demographic. Instead of conventional casino games that were gratifying, fair, and familiar in their gameplay, millennials were more interested in more entertaining games and integrated with popular trends. In this period, we noticed that a new "game of chance" appeared in which Esports players paid a fee in exchange for a loot box containing randomized virtual item(s), which can be used to improve their playing capacity. Gambling was the primary concept at play with the loot box offering; it was a pioneering approach to how casino content was adapted for a specific demographic. Accordingly, the equipment value would be equal to or less than what the player paid, meaning the player paid either to win or to lose. In light of the use of various types of currencies and payment methods to pay winnings, several government bodies and authorities had concerns regarding the concept of money laundering.

Additionally, around the same time, several gaming providers have begun releasing crush games, which are not the conventional RNG games but have now become their own market. The surge of crush games was also due to the entry of younger players. Unlike classic casino games, crush games have shorter sessions and are exciting and volatile.

Also resulting from demographic changes and content evolution is the emergence of skill-based online games. Nowadays, it is not just luck that dictates how well you do; there is an element of skill involved.

Games that blend RNG with skill-based gameplay, such as fishing, hunting, and shooting, are also popular. While their gaming features are similar to shooter video games, the addition of betting makes them more engaging and entertaining. Demographically, players from Asia and young people around the globe are interested in these new forms of skill-based entertainment. It's no surprise demographically, the younger generation is represented here; from their early childhood, they have been exposed to online games, so they are more confident in their playing skills and talent than previous generations.

Will this influence the gambling market?

Playing trends are changing due to demographics, and the iGaming market will undergo some transformation. Esports and virtual sports will grow in popularity, as will new types of gambling games, as younger people make up most of the population. With this younger generation, technologies and socializing will expand and develop, and companies will have to adapt to fulfill their requirements.

Although online casinos cater to a wide variety of verticals and demographics, for the time being, Our team believes that most players will stick to classic games despite all of these gaming innovations. The reason why? The nostalgic sentiments and familiarity that come with traditional games. Games are emotional pursuits; this fact shows via the existence of various support groups for gambling addiction. Be it optimism or retribution - people return to classic casino games every time with their emotions by one of the reasons that drive them.

Our team also discussed long-term viability and keeping up with trends. In recent years, the iGaming industry has seen numerous trends. The main reason for their emergence is to appeal to the younger generation. More data is required when it comes to investment and the scale of changes in content. Sticking with gaming content, such as conventional casino games, which are still popular and have weathered the test of time, has shown to be profitable thus far. Or do game developers believe that they need to alter their games and move in a direction that they feel will be popular due to social media platform trends? Through more data and time, we will get a better gauge of this question of viability.

At Uplatform, we are committed to our client's success. We approach everything individually and optimally instead of adopting an "out with the old, in with the new" mentality. We believe that iGaming enterprises need to consider a multigenerational strategy to avoid losing out on profits and stable growth. We understand that trends come and go, and each generation and type of gaming content has unique qualities and benefits vital to a business's future and long-term success.

Get in touch with our team if you're planning to launch a new brand or improve your current business.

Africa's Online Betting Challenges

With its growing number of young sports fans, high levels of technological adoption, and regulated markets, Africa is one of the most exciting and promising markets in the world. However, African markets can also pose some challenges, despite their high potential.

There are several challenges that operators planning to expand to the African market need to be aware of and tips for overcoming them are provided in this article. We at Uplatfrom know the challenges and complexities of this market well and have shared some valuable insights with you below.

Challenges in Infrastructure

Online betting can convert offline bettors, but the transition entails quite a few challenges. Access to the internet is a critical issue in Africa because it is relatively slow. A third of Africans use the internet, but the number varies greatly across the entire region. In Kenya, for example, the penetration rate is 85.2%; however, rates are below 10% in Western Sahara, Eritrea, and South Sudan.

To have a successful betting business in Africa, operators have to be able to handle all types of betting and react effectively to market changes. Where does the operator start?

Firstly, an omni-channel platform is necessary to be effective, albeit a hybrid one. You must have a presence online and in retail. More and more operators are opening their doors to players adopting omni-channel strategies. This strategy serves a dual purpose: it allows players to easily and gently adapt to changes such as lockdowns while simultaneously educating them on the advantages of online solutions, thereby speeding up the move to online betting.

In Africa, mobile devices are the most common method of accessing the internet, as less than 10% of households have computers. Despite the increase in time spent online and wide use of devices, the widespread process of expanding digital coverage and changing will take some time. As a result, operators must implement a multi-device solution to match the market's unique requirements; Uplatform offers a variety of options to serve African bettors, including a fully adaptable website with a light web version, mobile versions, and applications for iOS, Android, and Windows.

In addition to all of these advantages, Uplatform makes it easy to create a betting site that everyone can easily use and navigate. After implementation, an effective marketing strategy is essential for informing potential new members about the benefits of bonuses and why trying something new is a good option.

Challenges in Transition

Bettors from Africa also bet online, but for various reasons, they prefer retail. Inadequate internet connection or socialization could be two factors. It's also possible that they're hesitant to make a total transition since they're unsure how much they trust online betting websites.

Online betting can be enjoyed by nearly everyone who currently enjoys betting offline. Operators must fully comprehend the reasons why people opt to remain offline in order to effectively reach this goal. Operators can develop a concrete plan for moving forward and converting an increasing number of wagers by researching the market and segmenting different types of customers.

As there is still land-based and online betting, an omni-channel solution can be beneficial in many cases. This strategy allows the operator to expand their online business while maintaining their traditional betting shops. Uplatform provides a complete omni-channel solution: shared wallet, loyalty program and access via one registration. Players may deposit and bet offline and vice versa while preserving their bonuses and loyalty programs.

Challenges facing payments

A betting site must offer all local payment methods to be successful. Several parts of the world have already used this approach. So what is different about Africa that makes it necessary to use a unique approach? Typically, online banking methods such as e-wallets and credit cards are less prevalent here than in most other parts of the world. The percentage of Africans with a credit card is less than 5%.

Alternative payment methods, such as e-vouchers and cash deposits, are the most popular. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that mobile payments hit highs in 2021. In Kenya, for instance, 84 percent of internet users used their mobile phones to make a purchase. The figure in Nigeria is 60 percent, and it is expected to rise. As more people move to the main banking options, African betting sites must continue to offer the region's most commonly used and preferred payment options.

Uplatform provides our partnered clients with a wide selection of local payment providers and alternative payment methods, including bank transfers, e-vouchers, and mobile payments, comprising more than 300 payment options to select from. Collaboration with agents is also one of the most important aspects of developing business in the African market. Uplatform also offers a software solution to help with setting up an efficient agent system.

The Covid Impact

The last couple of years have had a big impact on sport in Africa, in a few different ways. Perhaps the most noticeable effect has been the cancellation, postponement or playing behind closed doors of numerous high-profile sporting events. Since the likes of the African Cup of Nations and the CAF Champions League are among the most popular events for sports betting here, any change reduces the options for online bettors.

To make up for this, many of the region's operators compensated by offering extra options, such as Esports and casino games, while virtual sports betting helped keep football fans entertained while stadiums were closed. Although this contributed to introducing Africans to alternative gambling activities, the overall effect was still a decrease in betting numbers.

Sport has returned to normal in recent months, with more fans betting on events, with the online option becoming more widely known than it was before. One of the other impacts seen around the world and repeated in Africa is how many people have saved more money in the past few years due to uncertainty about the future.

Uplatform recently participated in a roundtable that discussed the future of online betting in Africa. It is initiatives like these that are ensuring the market's future success, with exciting levels of growth set to continue thanks to the way the industry's leaders are facing up to the challenges ahead. You can check it out here.

Entering the African market requires operators to be prepared

Africa's young adults, aged 18 to 29, are influenced by convenience, innovation, and technology, with 21% of the population ages 18 to 29. However, the customary tradition of bet shop gambling, local agents, and the lack of quality digital infrastructure greatly influence the betting market in Africa.

Despite the reopening of African economies and major sporting events, the African betting market has its challenges and its preferred ways. An analysis of the increasing need for African-inspired business solutions was presented in this article. And Uplatform's range of solutions highlights the need to be prepared, with solutions such as SMS and telegram, along with the determination to be flexible and adapt to the region's needs.

With its diverse cultures, lack of wide-scale digitalization, and local customs, the African continent can present a bit of a challenge. Furthermore, to form a strong connection and build trust with your brand, African bettors must conveniently be offered everything they need. As a result, having the correct strategies and tools is critical for success.

Uplatform offers the solutions and expertise to help you overcome these challenges. Whether you want to launch into the African market or enhance your current operations with new solutions, we can help. Feel free to contact our professional team for expert advice.

How could the Metaverse change the iGaming landscape?

Technological advancement has had an enormous influence on our lives. As a result, how we work, connect, and enjoy entertainment has vastly changed, as has the exciting world of iGaming.

Every year, innovations emerge and take shape, and this year, all eyes are on one technological innovation that has the potential to explode. Unless you've been living off the grid with no media exposure the past year, you probably already know what we're referring to. The Metaverse is that technical innovation we are about to discuss. Although we have only seen it in its early phases, it has the ability to revolutionize iGaming completely.

The team at Uplatform converged with ideas and has come up with several thoughts that we believe the Metaverse's development might evolve and transform the iGaming realm.

Firstly, what is the Metaverse?

What is the "Metaverse"? Despite its intricacy, people have attempted to explain and characterize it in a variety of ways. Global Industry Analysts Inc., examined this topic and described it in their report.

The Metaverse, according to Global Industry Analysts Inc., is seen as the internet's future, which involves a combination of technologies, from integrating mobile networks, social media, augmented and virtual reality, and other technologies into one ecosystem that provides a totally immersive virtual reality experience. Also, the metaverse market is expected to reach $758.6 billion by 2026, according to Global Industry Analysts Inc.

Growing interest is evident, and IZEA Worldwide has explored how this affects social media influencers. The survey discovered that 70% of respondents think the Metaverse will eventually replace social media, and gambling is one of the most popular activities for those interested in becoming engaged in this concept. As the Metaverse develops, how might the future of iGaming look?

iGaming and the Metaverse

It is certainly entertaining to explore the domain of realistic potential possibilities, even if we don't have a Metaverse crystal ball that gives us a glimpse into the future. Wouldn't it be amazing to wear a headset and experience amazing destinations Las Vegas? In the Metaverse, you may find yourself experiencing the grandeur of real-life casinos, no matter where you are. Uplatform's Head of Marketing Maria described how land-based casinos could use Metaverse to enhance their reach.

"I believe that casinos are set to benefit hugely from the exciting new immersive nature of the Metaverse. It's expected to be a futuristic step beyond the experience towards what you might call super-real casino gaming. For a long time, the pinnacle of immersion was live dealer games, where players could sit in the comfort of their home and interact with other players and a dealer at a poker or blackjack table.
However, virtual reality technology has given new life to the idea of immersive gambling. VR and Metaverse gaming go beyond just social interaction with a dealer over chat communication by providing players with the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of a real casino. I'm expecting, that many of the casino games we know and love will remain the same in the Metaverse. Blackjack will still be blackjack, and roulette will still be roulette. These games might have additional features, and most of them will probably function on a Metaverse token or crypto payment system, but the fundamental games will remain the same".
Maria Bashkevich | Head of Marketing

The scalability of a Metaverse online casino is immense. It could be used to create exact replicas of the gaming floors of renowned casino resorts in Las Vegas and Macau. Or with more out there developments that feature any kind of themed playing environment you can imagine, such as the lost underwater metropolis of the Atlantic, intergalactic Space planets, and so on.

This technology could also have a significant impact on live casino experiences going forward. Although these games have gained popularity in recent years, the Metaverse may have a significant impact on their future. It could, for example, change the navigation format, while depositing and betting may be modified as well.

It's almost effortless to visualize how things could unfold. Imagine oneself entering a beautiful virtual casino, greeted by elegantly dressed, courteous staff before being ushered to your playing table. Join the chat room and start chatting with other players before you start playing for real money! Metaverse gaming is set to add an entirely new dimension to live casino gaming!

Then you have the sports area. Envision being able to watch top sporting events in the Metaverse. You might have premier box seats in the stadium from the luxury of your lounge room. While the match takes place, swipe through a side menu to see various betting options to bet on all the live-action.

There is a lot of excitement and buzz surrounding the Metaverse in the iGaming market, and several providers are already developing virtual and decentralized casinos. For many of us, Metaverse casino gambling represents a step into the not-to-distant future that some thought would be decades away. In a virtually accessible environment, online casino gaming is set to launch the beginning of a new age of gamification. Increasingly advanced and futuristic games and gambling options will become the new standard.

The next phase of VR

Although much of the Metaverse is merely conjecture, it is obvious that augmented and virtual reality will have a key role. VR has already made an impact in the iGaming sector, as several providers have invested in creating virtual reality experiences.

Developer Evolution describes how its Gonzo's Treasure Hunt title offers a virtual reality mode. Despite this, the Metaverse could be a huge opportunity for the technology, as it could significantly transform how we access online gaming and other experiences in the future.

The emergence of NFTs is another factor that could influence iGaming's future in the Metaverse. A Bloomberg report indicates that the market may be worth $40 billion by 2021. Non-fungible tokens have become a real talking point in recent months. The social aspect of iGaming in the Metaverse might also play a major role, as it may dramatically change how players and dealers interact. Were you ever curious about what it would be like to play various games in a virtual casino surrounded by all your closest friends? There is a possibility of it becoming a reality in the near future.

Reality is shifting

Many theories about the Metaverse and iGaming would have sounded like dystopian fiction just a few years ago. Following recent events such as the COVID pandemic lockdowns, which have demonstrated how technology can bring people together and spawn new experiences, it feels the Metaverse is closer than ever before.

It is likely that the Metaverse will hold an exciting future for many organizations who are already exploring it and considering how they can incorporate it as part of their business models. We're excited to see how this all pans out, and we're also looking forward to seeing whether we were right about some of our concepts.

Metaverse casinos, which operate in virtual worlds and resemble futuristic Hollywood movies, are on their way to revolutionizing the gambling business, and they've already arrived.

Easter slots 2022

When spring arrives, it means that it's almost time for the main event of the season: Easter! A celebration of spirits and nature, fluffy bunnies and chickens, vibrant and pastel colors, and chocolate-filled treats. This festive holiday is a fun, meaningful time to spend with friends and family for many communities around the world. Almost everyone enjoys the fun this festive holiday brings, from decorating eggs to preparing an Easter feast to Easter egg hunts or baking delicious Easter-themed treats.

If you're on the hunt for some Easter slots this season, there is no need to look any further. You've come to the right place. We've rounded up a list of Easter-themed slots that are fun and exciting for 2022.

Espresso Games - Alfredo's Easter
Espresso Games

Alfredo's Easter from Espresso Games will immerse your gamers in a fantastic kitchen full of delight. Master Chef Alfredo is hard at work in the kitchen, preparing a delectable assortment of goodies. From chocolate bunnies to fresh carrot cake to cupcake chicks, your players will find it difficult to stay away from Alfredo's delectable bake shop. Alfredo's Easter is a fun Easter baking themed game that gives your players a taste of Easter.

  • 5 reels, 4 rows, 1344 lines
  • WILD symbol appears on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4 as a substitute for all other regular symbols.
  • Players are given 5 Step options where Step 1 results in a bet of 50 coins and Step 5 goes as high as 250 coins.
  • Infinite Free Spins - at random, the Cake Machine might vacuum in all symbols from the grid and award a Free Spin. Any winning combinations unlock a growing multiplier.
  • Alfredo’s Bonus - the bonus round can be triggered even in the Free Spins game or by landing the Bonus Symbol on the 3rd reel. The feature is played with a different set of Icons and players get to choose from the following modifiers:
    1. 14 Bonus Spins where all wins are multiplied by x2.
    2. 15 Bonus Spins with guaranteed extra win.
    3. Sticky Wild Reel for the duration of 4 Bonus Spins.
Amatic - Lady fruits Easter 100

Your players will discover some Springtime amusement within the reels of Amatic's Lady Fruits 100 Easter just in time for the Easter Holidays. Fans of cherished classic Fruit slots with familiar icons and playing mechanics will appreciate this slot. Lady Fruits 100 is a new Easter-themed version of Amatic's widely known and popular Lady Fruits 40 slot.

  • 5 reels, 4 rows, 100 fixed lines.
  • Gamble feature - classic card game.
  • The main features include Wild, Expanding Wild symbols, Scatter, and stacked symbols.
Spinthon - EGGSTRA

EGGSTRA, from Spinthon, will add a touch of mysticism to your player's Easter celebrations. Easter is traditionally known for eggs, those mainly of the chicken variety, but there are no rules stating Dragon eggs can not get in on all the Easter fun. Against a backdrop of fantasy lands, the reels are filled with Dragon's eyes and eggs, golden-crowned cap dragon's teeth, and magical glass vials filled with mystical spells. Send your players on an enchanting EGGSTRA playing journey this Easter.

  • 5 reels, 3 rows.
  • WILD symbol substitutes for all symbols.
Spinomenal - Easter Pick

Spinomenal's Easter Pick is truly a real Easter egg-stravaganza. Easter celebrations are just around the corner, so your players can scratch their way to find the treasured Golden egg. Easter Pick is a simple game that not only scratch card aficionados will love, but all players will as well.

  • Game type - Scratch game.
  • The main features include Free Spin, Random Prize, Pick game.
  • Multiplier up to X4,000.
Spinomenal - Wild Easter
Spinomenal - Wild Easter

Spinomenal's Wild Easter is an Easter-themed game which will have your players join the Easter bunny on his jolly quest of spreading Easter joy across the lands, complete with vividly decorated eggs of all colours. Loaded with bonuses as well as free spins makes this game even more exciting, that every player will highly enjoy.

  • 5 reels, 4 rows.
  • The main features include STACKED WILD, SCATTER symbols.
  • Multiplier up to x1,000.
Spinomenal - Easter Spin
Spinomenal - Easter Spin

The hunt is on for the brim-filled basket of Easter treats. The Easter Bunny's adventure-filled hunt for incredible rewards in Easter Spin by Spinomenal will have your players jumping for joy. This exciting holiday-themed slot will have your players spinning the reels in search of the elusive butterfly scatters and overflowing Easter basket wilds.

  • 6 reels, 4 rows.
  • 10-100 lines.
  • The main features include Stacked, Scatter Symbols.
  • Multiplier up to x3,000.
Spinomenal - Easter Gifts
Spinomenal - Easter Gifts

The hunt is on for the brim-filled basket of Easter treats. The Easter Bunny's adventure-filled hunt for incredible rewards in Easter Spin by Spinomenal will have your players jumping for joy. This exciting holiday-themed slot will have your players spinning the reels in search of the elusive butterfly scatters and overflowing Easter basket wilds.

  • 6 reels, 4 rows, 10 fixed lines
  • Six Wild symbols with a rabbit give players x3,000 multiplier.
Wazdan - Magic Eggs
Wazdan - Magic Eggs

Is there anything better than a magical hunt to celebrate during the Easter Holiday Season? Wazdan's Magic Eggs will have your players in the festive mood, looking under every rock, fallen tree, and bridge for the brightest, most Magical Easter eggs. Featuring loads of Easter-themed icons, Magic Eggs is a vibrant springtime slot you players will love.

  • 3 reels, 5 paylines
  • Easter bunny is a special symbol. It is the highest paying symbol in the game and can only appear on top of the 4 low-value symbols. The win is paid if any 3 low-value Easter eggs with the bunny appear on a payline.
  • Wins can be doubled 7 times in a row.
Wazdan - Larry the Leprechaun Easter
Larry the Leprechaun

It's Easter-time, and Larry the Leprechaun from Wazdan is ready to greet your players. With the help of Larry, the mischievous little Leprechaun, players can feel the luck of the Irish this Easter. It's not his shenanigans you players are after but it's Larry's hidden pots of gold that your players will be in search of. Larry's cheeky little escapades will keep your players entertained as they spin the reels.

  • 4 reels, 4 rows
  • Collecting 16 golden coin symbols and drawing another 5 in a single spin triggers 16 Leprechaun’s Spins. During this feature all Wilds are locked on the reels.
  • Silver coin symbols may trigger a bonus of 16 Free Spins.
  • To trigger the feature Book Bonus with Extra Wilds players need to collect 8 sack symbols. 5 randomly chosen symbols will turn into Wilds and stick to the reels for 8 spins. One of the low paying symbols will also become Wild, increasing players’ chances for a big win.
  • Wins can be doubled 7 times in a row.
  • Hold & Re-Spin feature.
BGaming - Lucky farm

Give your player's country fresh air this Easter break with Lucky Farm Bonanza from BGaming. As they journey to lush pastures, your players will be tapping their feet to the catchy bluegrass banjo playing in the background, featuring friendly farm animals and farm-grown fruits veggies. The farmer is eagerly awaiting help collecting the Easter eggs scattered over the farm's green fields.

  • 6 reels, 5 rows.
  • Refilling can give the players many consecutive wins on every spin. Refilling means that after every spin, all combinations are paid and all winning symbols disappear.
  • Free Spins feature is awarded when 4 or more Scatter symbols hit anywhere on the screen or a Free Spins round has been purchased. If 4 Scatter symbols drop on the reels, the player gets 10 Free Spins, 5 Scatters - 20 Free Spins, 6 Scatters - 30 Free Spins. Whenever 3 or more Scatter symbols hit during the Free Spins Round, 5 additional free spins are awarded.
  • Multiplier symbol appears on the reels only during the Free Spins Round. Multiplier is between x2 and x100.
  • Scatter symbol appears on all reels.
  • During the Free Spins Round, Free Spins are only re-triggered.
  • Buy Bonus. A player can buy Free spins during the game.
  • There is a possibility to buy the Chance x2 feature in the game. It increases the bet and gives the player more chances to play bonus games.

Expand your casino business with a sportsbook

More than 45,9% of European GGR comes from sports betting. As an activity that is incredibly popular among betting audiences, it is also a significant revenue source for online casinos, which can help them to reach a wider audience and earn more profits. In light of voluminous statistics like these, your casino should offer a variety of betting options, including sports betting.

A Sportsbook API can be easily added to your current gambling website to set up online sports betting gambling business without too much effort. It is simply integrated into the framework of your existing website and is a straightforward and seamless process. Usports API from Uplatform provides a comprehensive solution that is compatible with multiple platforms. Offering a wide selection of bet types, matches, leagues (including lower-tier leagues), pre-match events, esports, and localization options, with flexibility for a completely customized sportsbook.

To make this work and succeed, you need to understand the sports betting market and your players so you can deliver exactly what they want:

  • Diversify your offering - Offer the biggest sportsbook with the most extensive coverage of all kinds of sports, more than 200 in line, a variety of Esports, over 9500+ games and Esports events, and more than 1,5 million pre-match and live events. You will have everything in your portfolio to appeal to a wide and diverse variety of sports bettors, which will help attract and obtain a more significant number of players.
  • Know your market - Learn what players in this market love and prefer: what kind of sports and leagues are popular in their region, how they like to bet, and what devices they like to use. Offering bets on not only the most popular, well-known, and trending sports and leagues, but also lower-tier leagues, local championships, and amateur events. Targeting a specific market in order to attract more players.
  • Variety of betting options - The best sportsbooks offer a wide variety of betting options, from simple to sophisticated. With Uplatform, you can bet on live sporting events using accumulators and one-click bets, as well as betting combinations. For sports fans who like to stay on top of the action, a Bet Builder is necessary for building a combined bet slip from multiple events in one game. The Bet Constructor is another must-have that enables bettors to compare the performance of different teams competing in different matches or competitions.
  • Stay Up-To-Date - The popularity of Esports is growing every day. Casinos can take advantage of massive Esports events organized by platform providers by partnering with them and reaching new audiences. Uplatform has developed one of the most comprehensive Esports offerings on the market and can assist you in expanding your business. With more than 9500 pre-match and live broadcasts of Esports events worldwide and a team that takes pride in treating customers as individuals and putting their ideas into action.
  • Continued support - Once the integration is complete and you are fully operational, your sportsbook should be almost self-sufficient. The reality is; that you won't be dealing with robotic users who follow the same processes and sports or make the same bets every time, so it's vital to be able to call on quality support when you need it. Things change, from betting trends to content, or you may need advice on marketing ideas or even support for technical issues. At Uplatform, we provide our clients with ongoing expert advice and support - not only during the integration and once they're live and operational. Our expert team is always there, offering professional consultancy to answer any questions or deal with any issue our clients may face.

Integrating sports betting into an existing betting platform or website is a simple but effective approach to extending any gambling business. Businesses can promote and increase their business opportunities with Uplatform's Usports API by providing a diverse selection of top global sporting events and popular local events and Esports. With Uplatform, you will have all the essential tools to control, analyze, and implement targeted marketing strategies, ensuring the success and growth of your brand. Using our simple, customizable, and compliant API solution, you can seamlessly tie in with your existing platform or website. Allowing you to manage your business with great versatility while not disrupting your already established gambling operations.

Interested in growing and expanding your brand to more markets? Let our experienced team show you how our Usports API can help.

Affiliate Marketing: Do's and Don'ts

The success of your business depends heavily on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy. And many businesses may still feel that generating traffic and leads is their biggest challenge. With so many marketing channels and strategies available to businesses, it can feel overwhelming to come up with new marketing ideas and strategies to increase lead generation to get increased exposure. There is no need to reinvent the wheel in creating and seeking new marketing channels, especially in the iGaming industry, as having the right affiliate marketing has already proven its worth to be very successful.

Affiliate marketing and iGaming operators have an important relationship. A business will benefit greatly from finding the right affiliate and establishing a productive working affinity with them. The affiliate program at Uplatform provides a simple model that allows you to develop stable and effective affiliate networks that satisfy all of your business objectives.

We will cover some of the Do's and Don't's for your business when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Don't: forget to do your homework

For affiliate marketing to be successful, it is crucial to conduct a thorough competitive examination. When you know the market, competitors, and affiliates, you know who to deal with and what to expect. Detailed research will reveal things, such as who the players are, who your competitors are, what marketing channels they use, and their affiliates - information you can use in your marketing strategy. Researching your competitor's marketing strategies can also help you identify advantages and disadvantages. These insights may also provide helpful information and open doors to more prospects.

Do: Select the Appropriate Affiliate

Setting up your affiliate marketing may seem simple, but finding the right affiliates is critical to the productivity of your brand and your resources. An affiliate could be a person or a company that promotes your brand through its channels. Operators are then responsible for creating the content that will be linked to affiliate ads.

Affiliates should be able to reach a significant number of people and be accomplished and know their market. Additionally, some affiliate marketers promote a diverse variety of products, so it's advisable to choose one who specializes in and has deep knowledge of marketing in the casino industry. Among the different options, you can always choose from media platforms, streamers, bloggers, as well as agencies. It is also important to consider whether the affiliate provides regionally targeted traffic and geo-targeting strategies to boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

Do: Analyze traffic and outcomes

The majority of affiliate programs, especially those developed for online casino operators, come with modules that facilitate managing affiliates. With these modules, you can analyze different affiliates according to their number of visitors. The advantage of affiliate marketing using Uplatform's solution is that engagement and ROI can be easily measured. It allows for comprehensive control over operations for managing and assessing affiliates and their performance using a single platform. You can quickly evaluate affiliate data with the tool's extensive reporting and detailed statistics that can be adapted to various parameters.

Don't: compromise on the commission rate

Profitable commission systems encourage your affiliates to perform while driving traffic to your website. Both viable and competitive commission rates are vital requirements. The key incentive for performance and motivation is commission, which is highly appreciated and a big driving factor. Overall, the commission structure substantially influences your capacity to generate income and expand.

The following are some helpful tips to consider with commission rates:

  • Compare your commission rates with those of your competitors.
  • It would be wise to set a lower starting commission.
  • Check and adjust the commission rate regularly.
  • Be aware of flexible affiliate commission structures as well as individual deals.
  • Choose your preferred payment frequency- weekly or monthly.

What can Uplatform do for you?

The affiliate system from Uplatform is simple to incorporate into your operations. Providing ultimate control over each individual campaign, our multi-brand system incorporates all required tools to effectively execute a successful affiliate marketing strategy.

Uplatform offers five flexible commission options to select from.

  1. Revenue shares. You incentivize an affiliate's efforts by offering a portion of the earnings; they receive ongoing payments for as long as a referred customer continues to play or for a set period.
  2. Standard CPA. Cost Per Action is the most popular affiliate compensation type; it's a payment provided once your suggested player leads have completed a specific action — for instance, new player registration.
  3. Hybrid. A combination of the first two commission schemes - the fixed commissions from CPA and a percentage of the monthly revenue a player spends at your gambling site.
  4. Tiered CPA. Across different levels of an affiliate network, affiliates receive additional commissions, including those for the promotion of the affiliate program.
  5. Sub-Affiliate. Affiliate earnings are adjusted based on the commission type received by your sub-affiliates.

The only decision left for you is to choose from those five commission strategies you think will be best for you and your business. All five commission strategies offer great convenience, including weekly or monthly payment intervals, various payment methods, and the opportunity to attract social media users, website owners, group administrators and develop straightforward affiliate relationships.


Affiliate marketing has developed over the last five years as the internet expands and personalizes to each person's preferences. The new digital era has greatly influenced the gambling industry with minimal limitations on online content and a wide range of advertising channels. Affiliate marketing networks have proven beneficial to online casinos and sports betting.

Take a look at the following numbers.

  • More than 87% of brands use affiliate programs.
  • Affiliate marketing investment is expected to increase by more than 10% in the next few years.
  • Affiliate marketing is used by 99% of people to establish their businesses.
  • Directly working with affiliate marketers, 92% of consumers trust brand ambassadors and influencers they know

Created to meet industry requirements as well as the interests of every client, Uplatform's All-In-One affiliate program is comprehensive but conveniently is simple and offers everything businesses need to start profiting and expanding.

Contact the Uplatform team today and learn more about how you can increase your profits and player acquisition with our Affiliate marketing solution.

Bonus Psychology: How to Keep Players Engaged

To increase customer loyalty, more and more iGaming businesses are including incentives as part of their offerings. And any format, no matter what the strategy is, increasing customer interaction can lead to higher profits.

However, how much do customers appreciate additional perks like promos and bonuses? The response may appear superficial, seeing that it's how business is generally executed, especially in iGaming, where bonuses are simply commonplace. In actuality, there is little more to it than just simply having them as something expected of the industry. We can't deny that giving clients something extra may be a very profitable approach, but assuming that simply because you have bonuses and promotions and it's viewed as a standard, players will appreciate and see value in them.

Even though all players are given bonuses and promotions as standard practice, there is also the factor to consider with regards to players ignoring them as they do not see the value in them or see them as incentives. Bonuses can be a highly successful way to attract, engage, and keep customers if properly managed. In summary, do only view these offerings just from the perspective; they are simply a part of your regular iGaming operations, but as effective solutions to increase the potential of your business.
Let's draw an example. You have decided to enter a new market. Together with the marketing activity and promotion, welcome bonuses are the MUST. Research carried out by Merkle (formerly HelloWorld) supports the fact that bonuses and promotions are valuable tools that can also be applied with great effect in iGaming. Among credit card holders, 60% prefer instant rewards. Up to 75% of credit cardholders participate in rewards schemes in some regions of the world.

It's important to comprehend exactly how your business could benefit from customer incentives like bonuses, so let's look at some science to better understand.

First, let's review the science

Psychology and physiology can help us understand how consumers make decisions. Using Krajbich and Rangel's study, Krajbich and Rangel examined the level of attention humans give to different alternatives. Their attentional drift-diffusion model (aDDM) demonstrates how individuals focus on the most favorable option between two options.

Basically, our brains pay more attention to the offer that we deem more valuable. This is equally true for betting and casino bonuses. By marketing bonuses in a way that demonstrates their value, you will have a much better chance of attracting their attention, as they will be more inclined to take advantage of them. In addition, if the offer is sufficiently enticing, you are more likely to attract someone's attention for a much longer period. This explains why some consumers tend to stick with certain credit card providers.

The use of customized rewards is a way for companies to retain people's attention. Based on research by Merkle, 34% of credit card holders want personalized rewards, and 60% would like to select their own rewards. Ideally, you would create bonuses that draw the attention of the customer and offer options that allow them to customize their experience. You're not simply delivering something as a routine business activity; you're providing something that your customers will value.

Theory into rewarding practice

The importance of understanding human psychology and physiology and consumer behavior cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, without practical skills, this knowledge is not applicable. Our team of experts has gained a wealth of experience through testing and analysis of campaign data. You can rely on Uplatform's professional team to guide you in the right direction with the tools, suggestions, and technical guidance you need to develop eye-catching promotions and bonuses and have a real impact that will truly benefit your customers. To understand the bigger picture as to what to expect from partnering with Uplatform and working with our bonus consultants, here are some of the great solutions we offer:

Promotions galore

You can select from more than 30 different types of bonus offers at Uplatform, including free spins, cashback, gamification rewards, and loyalty programs. Our promos work with all major providers and have been rigorously tested over many years. In addition, we offer more than 200 customizable parameters. Giving customers the freedom to choose offers that meet their needs will allow you to more accurately follow what the data indicates and give them what they want.

Targeting to precision

Also in the study by Krajbich and Rangel, they discovered that targeting products allows you to better tap into the attention side of the brain. This suggests that people respond better the longer they focus on something. Uplatform understands this as well. You can control who sees certain offers and how long they appear with our advanced targeting tools.

Integrity and transparency are paramount

Uplatform's bonus program is no exception; trust and authenticity are critical components of everything we do and offer. A brand needs to be honest and transparent in every aspect to earn the trust of its customers. Millennials choose one company over another based on the transparency and honesty a KPMG has found in their research. So it is imperative that, before offering bonuses, inform customers precisely what they will receive and how they will receive it. Avoid misleading or challenging terms and conditions.

Finally, you can readily determine which marketing methods work with Uplatform's various marketing tools and tracking information. Uplatform's analytical features can be extremely powerful - providing you with a wide range of information on your players through high-quality data that helps you to make solid business decisions that will have great results. You'll be able to quickly obtain the data your business needs to build and implement personalized strategies based on your customer's needs.

Contact us to see how we can help you grow your sports betting or casino enterprise with increased playing numbers and loyalty by employing our deep knowledge, industry expertise, and some proven science.


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