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Offer the most anticipated matches, sports, global and local events, as well as popular and unique bet kinds, all wrapped up in a sleek user-friendly UI. Through our simple Usports API, you’ll quickly and easily integrate our efficient sportsbook into your existing platform.

Rising Star in Sports Betting Software
Rising Star of the Year 2022
Rising Star of the Year 2022
sportsbook api
1M+ pre-match events
60K+ live events
5,500+ Markets
68 languages


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Our in-house bookmakers provide one of the most comprehensive odds selections, unique bets, exclusive sports, and the ability to add almost any match to the line. More than 200 sports in line, including low tier leagues, local championships, even amateur ones and 1,5 million pre-match and live events.

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Uplatform sportsbook offers up:

  • multi-bet combinations like Accumulator, Lucky and Chain,
  • one-click betting,
  • unique bets (bettors can bet on a particular player during the match or make bets like player-player or team-player),
  • allowing the player to hide any irrelevant sports in the settings,
  • bet builder (unique development that allows players to make a slip out of several events on a single match),
  • bet constructor.
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Uplatform’s sportsbook covers an enormous number of pre-match and live events and includes:

  • a unique live zone with real-time 2D and 3D translations,
  • a multi-live feature that enables multiple bets simultaneously in one window.

All you need to enhance the player’s overall satisfaction and experience.

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Displays all information and statistics, relating to

  • matches,
  • teams,
  • tournaments.
Directly on the match page, easy navigation to keep users on your page and assists them in placing bets.
Sports detailed statistics

Regionalized and personalized content:

  • Relevant sorting of national teams according to the user’s location,
  • 68+ languages, including rare ones,
  • Various odds – fractional, decimal, Moneyline Indonesian, Hong Kong, and Malay,
  • Different views – European, Italian, Asian.
Live Betting
Interactive and unique live zone and multi-live view
Odds formats
Fractional, Decimal, Moneyline and Asian odds
Easy to bet
Customer-Friendly UI with informative bet slip and one-click betting
Varied Bet Types
Accumulator, Lucky, Chain and other popular and unique types of bets
Conveniently adaptable, almost any match can be added to the line


Sports detailed statistics

We can proudly say that our Esports offering is one of the biggest in the industry. Just look at our numbers:

  • 60+ Esports and games,
  • 400+ Broadcasts every week,
  • 1000+ Esports events every week,
  • Different views – European, Italian, Asian.

Our extensive catalog provides all the cult classics (DOTA 2, CS: GO and FIFA, WarCraft III, Quake Champions, Rainbow Six, Call of Duty) and fan-favorite titles (Overwatch, World of Tanks, League of Legends).

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Our portfolio includes unique bets on Rocket League, Valorant, Tabs, Overcooked, and cybersports such as football, hockey, cricket, golf, and bets on the actions of a selected player, among many others.

Are you familiar with Angry Birds, Cut the Rope or Sonic? We offer bets on all of these games!

We provide unique markets and betting options for the most popular cyber sports, and 24/7 live betting options on random matches for 60+ Esports games.

Sports detailed statistics

Our sportsbook offers all essential features, including:

  • multi-bet combinations like Accumulator, Lucky and Chain,
  • one-click betting,
  • unique bets (bettors can bet on a particular player during the match or make bets like player-player or team-player),
  • allowing the player to hide any irrelevant games in the settings,
  • bet builder (unique development that allows players to make a slip out of several events on a single match),
  • bet constructor.
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Our live zone is a crucial aspect of Esports betting, and we understand the importance of live betting for Esports. It includes:

  • real-time 2D, 3D and video translations,
  • a multi-live feature that enables to track and bet on multiple events simultaneously in one window.
Sports detailed statistics

With a global perspective and an out-of-the-box approach, the Uplatform team maintains constant engagement with the market and the community. We tirelessly seek ways to enhance our products, regularly testing and including new titles, Esports leagues, tournaments, and quick games. Our commitment is to deliver exceptional value, ensuring client satisfaction and providing players with rewarding experiences.

Kick-off your success with award-winning sportsbook

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Tailored to your market

If content is king, localization is queen. Engage the sports, leagues, and features popular in your geographical location to efficiently localize and meet your market demands. We provide an all-in-one solution individualized to your target market.

sportsbook api

More than 67% of bets in Latin America are made on football. To ensure your relevance we offer top football coverage and a massive selection of favorite LATAM sports and events: worldwide and domestic leagues and championships, including low-tier leagues and amateur matches.

$4.4 bln revenue by 2026
2.2 mln active bettors
67% of bets are on football
sportsbook api

We offer the most extensive sportsbook in the Asian-Pacific market, with over 200 sports and 60+ Esports to choose from. It includes traditional Asian sports such as Muay Thai, Kabaddi, and cricket in India, as well as popular international sports like basketball, UFC, badminton, and football.

18% annual growing rate
43% of global GGR
54% of all Esports revenue
sportsbook api

Our sportsbook boasts 200+ sports, including beloved options like football, horse racing, rugby, and cricket for African bettors. We cover African leagues, even amateur ones, and offer 1.5 million global pre-match and live events.

3.9% increase in GGR
$3,048 mln Revenue in 2021
72% population betted
sportsbook api

We give our clients unparalleled line flexibility, as almost any match can be added, even amateur. There are even niche sports that are very popular in certain areas, such as darts, ice football, and bubble football.

260+ Sports & Esports
60K+ Live events
5,5K+ Markets


Why Uplatform

Ultimate sportsbook
Attract all playing preferences with the extensive coverage of sports, events, and markets.
In-play betting
Increase the number of live bets using our exclusive multi-live bets and LiveZone.
Professional advice
We’re there for you, providing comprehensive consultancy any time you need us.
Localize efficiently
You’ll get regionalized content based on geolocation settings; line flexibility with the option to add regionally popular leagues and sports.
Total control
Take command with our multilingual back-office tools. Monitor, fine-tune, understand, analyze and take appropriate actions.
Grow faster
Achieve over 35% conversion. Benefit from our exceptional and versatile sportsbook to show even better results.

Meet the team

Our top priority is to stay committed to our clients’ businesses by meeting all their requirements. We specialize in providing continued support after project launches and exploring promising markets, regardless of infrastructure. Our dedicated sales managers are ready to demonstrate our offerings and guide you on how to profit from our sportsbook.

We call ourselves a global provider for a reason – while our content is localized and adapted for almost any geo, the emerging markets show promising GGR growth.

Nelli, The Head of Sales

Our talented Head of Sales
Our Senior Sales Manager in Europe
Our Senior Sales manager in Africa, Europe


Uplatform – solutions with a personal approach

Uplatform – sports betting and online casino operating platform. Our outstanding solutions are born from practical expertise and deep market insights, offering access to a cutting-edge sportsbook, a comprehensive product range, and vital support services. With us, you’ll hold the winning hand, ensuring player satisfaction, smooth operations, and the long-term success of your project.

Support and collaboration are paramount to us, occupying a central place in our business ethos. Our accomplishments are measured by the realization of your visions. Embracing the philosophy of “your challenges are our challenges,” we’re committed to aiding your excellence and achieving extraordinary results. This commitment fuels our ongoing evolution and maintains our status as a dynamic market leader.

Uplatform – solutions with a personal approach

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