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a perfect fit for your casino and betting business

Gainful solutions

  • Top betting and casino content

  • Quick and Seamless Integration

  • Fair and Beneficial investment


Provide more in one place

Casino and sports betting solutions

Turn those dreams into reality with your own betting website or online casino! Uplatform offers the simplest yet most comprehensive and integrable options on the market.

Our turnkey solution is perfect for creating a new brand. Along with attractive and popular content, we offer a ready-made platform packed with additional services, quick bet acceptance, and integrated payment methods, ensuring a nonstop entertaining business enterprise.

Not looking for a change in platforms, yet want access to the Ultimate Sportsbook? No problem. Easily integrate our Usports API and access exclusive services to expand your profits conveniently and securely.

Looking for betting shop software? We can help you with that too!

  • Turnkey

    Build a profitable brand with our massive Sportsook and the widest range of Casino products and exclusive services.

  • Usports API

    Get access to our efficient Sportsbook with an entirely smooth integration experience

  • Betshop Solution

    Take advantage of our knowledge of retail betting and the most comprehensive software

start your business right

Why us?

  • sportsbook

    Be the sportsbook boss

    Attract players from all around the world, have the most sports, events, and unique bet kinds. Empower and let them bet on almost anything.

  • assortment

    Give your players the MAX

    Offer an enormous assortment, with access to the most diverse selection of casino and slot games, as well as our incredible in-house games.

  • integration

    Leave the hassles behind

    Create a stronger betting business with quality, hassle-free solutions and everything your business needs to prosper.

  • localization

    Localize efficiently

    Expand your business and conquer new markets with our multi-lingual and multi-currency platform solution, and localized content for every region.

  • additional services

    Gain more than just a platform

    Because we care about your success, our industry-experienced team is ready to ensure your goals are achieved.

  • Sixth reason image

    Accelerate your growth

    Achieve over 35% conversion. Benefit from our exceptional additional services and versatility to generate better results.


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