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All-in-one sportsbook

Quickly and easily access and profit from worldwide (popular & niche) sporting leagues and events, offering unique bet types and utilizing customizable features and tools.
Kick-off your success with Uplatform’s sportsbook.


Never settle for less

Sportsbook with impact

We focus on our customers requirements to offer a full-service sportsbook combining an incredible selection of odds, an enormous amount of sports, events, and markets, and every bet type and feature you’ll ever need to grow and succeed.

Our Sportsbook is carefully developed to be efficient, adaptable, and reliable. Designed hassle-free for maximum results, targeting every player through a wide range of flexible tools helping you establish a powerful betting business that is completely geo-localized, stable, and ready for exponential growth.

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We provide a widest sportsbook that is innovatively developed to be efficient, adaptable, and reliable, ready to deliver you success in all markets.

  • More than 200 sports in line, including low tier leagues, local championships, even amateur ones and 1,5 million pre-match and live events.
  • Features: unique live zone, multi-live bets, Bet Constructor, Bet Builder, Bet Exchanger, popular and unique bet types. Including convenient and informative bet slip.
  • Various odds formats: fractional, decimal, moneyline Indonesian, Hong Kong and Malay.
  • Effortless localization: regionalized content, 500+ payment solutions, 63 languages, and so much more.


Sports in line

1,5 mln

Pre-match and live events


Betting markets



Market Tailored solutions

If content is king, localization is queen. Engage the sports, leagues, and features popular in your geographical location to efficiently localize and meet your market demands. We provide an all-in-one solution individualized to your target market, offering you:

  • 500+ payment solutions, market-specific content
  • 63+ languages.
  • All possible currencies.
  • Popular odds formats: American, English, Decimal, Hong Kong, Indonesian, Malay.
  • Diverse array of marketing tools effective across various markets and regions.

Our professional team has the expertise to enter new markets with high potential, regardless of infrastructure or regulation. If you plan to enter these markets, our team will work closely with you every step of the way.

We’ve developed SMS and Telegram betting solutions, for example, to effectively operate online betting businesses and drive more traffic within these new and emerging markets.


Live Betting

Interactive and unique live zone and multi-live bets

Easy to bet

Customer-Friendly UI with informative bet slip and one-click betting

In-house bookmakers

Access to exclusive markets, unique events, and the best odds


Conveniently adaptable, almost any match can be added to the line
Sportsbook Sportsbook


Apps for iOS, Android and Windows, SMS and telegram betting

More than a platform

Quality services

Uplatform provides a wide range of services to scale your business and empower your operations while maintaining a smooth and seamless all-around experience.

  • A powerful back-office tool to monitor the movement of funds, providing comprehensive information about your players and their activity.
  • Affiliate programs, agent schemes, bonus tools, CMS, and CRM, are just a few of the powerful marketing tools to help you tailor your project and reach markets no one ever dreamed of reaching.
  • Integrable solutions – ALL national currencies and over 500 payment solutions with flexible configuration and choice to make your business more accessible.
  • Our 2-line support consultations are concise and professional, ensuring that your business runs smoothly.


Uplatform has it all

  • Expansive portfolio

    Attract players with even the most individual taste offering them the widest selection of sports, events, markets, traditional and unique bet types.

  • Increased Profits

    Create a stronger and distinguished betting brand with our high-conversional sportsbook, extra services, and dedicated account team.

  • New level of live betting

    Increase the number of live bets using our exclusive multi-live bets and Livezone. More convenience, more bets, and more profits.

  • Accessibility

    Guarantee your presence, with complete compatibility on all devices, Android, Apple, and web versions. Expand even further, via SMS and Telegram betting options.

  • Easy Localization

    Capture, appeal, and target every region – regionalized content, 500+ payment solutions, 68 languages, and so much more.

  • Commitment to clients’ success

    Supporting projects even after launch and entering markets with high potential regardless of infrastructure or regulation are our specialties

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