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Agent scheme

Do you want to extend your business into regions where standard methods are ineffective? Team up with Uplatform and acquire a powerful tool for creating a multi-level agent scheme that will help to expand and advance your business.

agent scheme


Globally expand with Agent Scheme

Benefit from a complete agent management solution. Our agent scheme software enables you to create a transparent and effective scheme of agents and master agents, and expand your players base worldwide.

The highly versatile, multilingual, and multi-functional tool provides the flexibility to build multi-level structures, where transactions are carried out level-by-level with complete accuracy. Always stay in full control thanks to fine-tuning configurations, various commission conditions, and an entire overview of risk data supplied in real-time.

  • Agent scheme


    Logical structure

  • Agent scheme


    Commision conditions

  • Agent scheme


    Over all operations

  • Agent scheme




Reasons to start right now

  • Be in complete control

    Create your own structure with full control through our easy-to-use agent scheme and make the scheme work for you.

  • Operate your way

    Manage commissions to best suit your business structure with various conditions from your agent’s profit or turnover.

  • Keep abreast

    View complete statistics and extremely detailed reports to remain informed about your agents, the players, and actions with real-time risk and betting data.

  • Reach more

    Increase your player base in emerging markets by providing them with additional betting options and payment methods. Enter more markets and deliver more players from offline to online betting.

  • Have it all in one place

    Take advantage of our all-in-one platform to build and expand your brand with easy direct integrations and ready-to-use solutions and services.

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