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The Only CRM You Need

Raise the bar with your customer experience! Communicate with players, analyze playing moves, favorites, and preferences to tailor your business, and create tailored promos and advertisements with solid marketing impact. Get firing; it’s all at your fingertips. Hit those targets and achieve your goals sooner.


Knowledge is a power

Dedicated casino and betting CRM

Unleash your new potential for targeted promotions with our end-to-end marketing solution. The Uplatform CRM is a powerful tool for taking your marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Comprehensive data allows you to better understand player behavior, improve loyalty, and facilitate more precise segmentation in your campaigns. Plan individual promotions, bonuses, and events for each segment of your audience – based on your knowledge and insights.

The Uplatform CRM is a multilingual and multi-functional management tool that also provides risk management services. View banned lists of products to prevent and recognize the categories with the wagered bonus.

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    Various reports

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    Filters for client segmentation

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    of communication channels

Advantages on your side

Сontrol your project

  • Use what works for you

    Effectively Manage your players with the CRM explicitly designed for the betting and casino companies, which acknowledges and takes care of all your requirements and unique business characteristics.

  • Analyze and react

    Start making data-based decisions by tracking customer activity and acquiring comprehensive and valuable data on players, accounts, and transactions.

  • Campaign efficiently

    Improve campaign results through segmenting based on location, demographics, activity, and VIP level and wide range of bonuses.

  • Make it personal

    Create personalized offerings to increase loyalty and keep players returning for more.

  • Minimize your risks

    Risk management service lets you operate risk-free and identify which products lead to fraudulent activity, and those bonuses that have already been wagered.

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back office

Track the flow of funds and gain detailed reports on your customers and their actions.

Agent Scheme

Create efficient and open system to market your brand, attract more players, and increase your revenue.


Increase accessibility with all currencies and 500+ payment solutions with flexible configuration.

Affiliate program

Boost traffic and entice more players with our intuitive and attractive affiliate programs.

Bonus system

Attract new players and keep existing ones loyal with a wide selection of proven bonus tools.


Customize content to fit your brand and execute the power of successful SEO with advanced settings.


24/7 customer support in over 31 languages when you need it.


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