2022 Evaluation: Interview With Maria

What are our thoughts on the year 2022? What do we anticipate happening in 2023? What are our short- and medium-term goals? The most recent conversation between Soloazar and Maria, our Head of Marketing, covered these topics.

Uplatform rang in the new year with a bang, full of celebration and joy. And now that we are well into 2023, we can look back at 2022 and assess our accomplishments and performance. Maria stated that although 2022 was challenging, the year yielded fruitful results in progressing towards important goals.

2022 Progress and Achievements.

In terms of accomplishments and progress in 2022, Maria said,

“In 2022, there were a lot of high-profile sports events; these events presented a fantastic growth opportunity, which we, along with our valued clients, optimally leveraged. Our efforts paid off as we witnessed remarkable increases, reaching up to triple the GGR for some clients. This success encouraged us to aim even higher and continue our expansion in the market.”

After this, Maria stated that winning the SBC and 5STAR Awards and nominations for other prestigious awards like EGR and iGA were significant accomplishments for us. Having Uplatform’s efforts recognized in this way was a huge honor. She advised iGaming business owners and those looking to explore the iGaming business to schedule a consultation with us to learn more about our solution.

Completed Projects, Latest Wares, and Events

From a business perspective, Maria was happy to share that the team participated in five major events last year, including iGB Live! Amsterdam, SBC Barcelona, G2E Asia, Casino Beats Malta, and SIGMA Malta. She added that we hosted a roundtable discussion on ‘mobile gambling's potential in the future.’ Maria acknowledged that our efforts have been highly effective, expanding our brand's reach and attracting new business partners.

Regarding our newest products, here is what Maria had to say: “We’ve added new sports and markets to our platform and successfully prepared our sportsbook for the World Cup with 1,5K markets for every single game; added two new languages, added new features to our services, expanded the team, improved inner processes, and so on.” In addition, she concluded that the year 2022 was highly fruitful, and the team does not plan on slowing down.

Future Goals and Objectives

According to Maria, the team has implemented extensive marketing and sales strategies with lofty goals for the current year.

"Six local and international fairs will feature our solutions and products, and our representatives will attend another eight. We will most likely attend events like G2E Asia, SiGMA Americas, SiGMA Asia, iGB Amsterdam, SBC Barcelona, etc. In addition, we plan to contribute even further to the field by moderating a roundtable and speaking on a few panels."

She also mentioned,

"We'll launch our Casino Games Aggregator this year, and it will help our partners create a well-balanced and profitable casino portfolio. We'll keep enhancing our sportsbook and platform by expanding our betting offers and adding new esports, tournaments, and more.”

Maria assured Soloazar that there would be a lot of new developments and that the team must expand significantly to make it happen.

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