Akarshit on The Future of African Gaming

Akarshit Mandhotra, Uplatform's Business Development Manager, in a recent magazine for igamingfuture.com was actively involved, along with several other industry professionals to share their viewpoints and expertise on the African gaming market and address some of it the regional challenges affecting the industry.

Present potential

“Poor internet connections and low internet speed is a big aspect that is limiting the African market's full potential. However, Uplatform is prepared for this”.

Although there are still issues with the quality of the digital infrastructure and slow internet, Africa’s emerging economies present exciting opportunities for iGaming and betting businesses online and the traditional retail betshops. Changing demographics and appetite for sports betting across the continent are just a few factors contributing to rising growth and potential.

To compensate for the lack of digitization, Uplatform has long-standing partnerships with local telecoms companies and developed a platform that enables bettors to place bets via SMS and Telegram. In addition, we also have available to the African market hundreds of payment alternatives, including popular local African payment methods for extra convenience.

Uplatform is prepared for such challenges as slow internet connections and limited access, acknowledging these difficulties and providing solutions to capitalize on the African market's full potential. Uplatform maintains support for these types of underdeveloped areas through our unique solutions, such as the option of utilizing an agent scheme enabling players more opportunities via placing bets with agents. Apps that provide our partners with convenient, fast-loading solutions that deliver an easy to access, user-optimized experience to their players.

Akarshit went on to say; with many operators forced to close their doors owing to restrictions and lockdowns, proactive operators who have made the switch to online have already shown to be sustainable. Throughout the pandemic, online platforms steadily gained popularity and continued to thrive.

“If you want to successfully launch a product in Africa, then bonuses are an absolute must have”.

Bonuses boost player engagement and loyalty, and Uplatform offers every type of incentive available to provide a high-quality betting experience. Offering bonus incentives such as match of the day, welcoming new players, birthdays, cashbacks, first-time deposit, and major live event streaming ensures new brands have the kickstart they need to capture the African market.

Moving forward Retail vs. Online

“Africa has a bright future, the market is actively developing, and Africa is the only region where the young population is increasing”.

Online is growing, but the retail sector with betshops still commands its market share. Attributable to the status of limited internet access and the overall digital landscape, retail continues to find strong demand in many African regions. African players enjoy all sorts of betting as long as the choices are easy and readily accessible. With a large young population, this includes a growing interest in Esports betting. However, there is a steady and considerable increase in online betting thanks to the ease of use and convenience of immediate payments and the extensive customizable betting possibilities available with mobile Apps. Due to the versatility of our Omnichannel solutions, Uplatform clients in African markets can enjoy the best of both worlds, providing players with a convenient and market-specific experience.

Read more about Uplatorm's insights via Akarshit's experienced eyes, as well as perspectives from other knowledgeable contributors, in The Future of African Gaming Magazine.


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