GBC Time conducted an interview with Maria

Following Uplaform's excellent performance at the just-completed Barcelona 2022 SBC Summit. The Head of Marketing at Uplatform, Maria, had a great conversation with GBC Time. Here is a succinct summary of what they discussed:

“This year's SBC Summit in Barcelona was a huge success for us,” Maria said.

She explained that even though we had only served as delegates the year before, we still wanted to showcase our solutions and establish a new partnership in 2022. She believes Uplatform did incredibly well and that visitors to our stand had the most engaging and productive experience possible. The Head of Marketing said winning the Rising Star in Sports Betting Software Award was the most exciting part of the event. She thanked the judges for recognizing our client-centered approach and the effectiveness of our solutions, saying the award was a huge accomplishment and honor for us.

According to her, the primary subject of conversation was localization and how we could assist the partners in various markets. So our team presented our localization options, such as regionalized content, local languages, customized sportsbooks, local payment methods, multi-device compatibility, and so on.

When asked to categorize the iGaming aggregation trends for 2023, Maria responded,

"I believe that the trend is still the same, as it comes from the needs of players and clients' challenges. And those challenges haven’t changed since 2022 - localization, player acquisition, and transition to online and mobile. And if we’re talking from B2B perspective - flexibility and customization”.
She cited the massive amount of locally tailored content that has been created due to the expansion of new markets. Therefore to compete in 2023, it will be essential to provide exclusive and unique content that other aggregators do not. The players' preferences are getting increasingly complex every year, so one strategy to win them over is to concentrate on offering exclusive content. She advised aggregators and operators to integrate local content and have extensive knowledge of the regions to succeed in new markets. She also emphasized the significance of concentrating on offering integration services that are quicker and more adaptable through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

Maria responding to the difficulties that iGaming providers face, said iGaming is a highly competitive industry, with more studios and platform providers popping up yearly. However, there is fierce competition for attention as a result of the market's consolidation.

Commenting, Maria said,

"In my honest opinion, there are numerous obstacles. Beginning with regulations and pricing, as numerous brands are dumping the market, and ending with personalization and improvement of the player experience. All of this, along with typical challenges such as the global economy and political climate, turns it into a bumpy ride for enterprises. However, has there ever been a time when expanding the business was easy and smooth?”

Maria concluded by saying that every year brings with it new challenges for the business and that any company can grow and face difficulties as long as it does so professionally. Speaking of Uplatform, she stated that based on her observations, our platform's numbers are trending in the right direction and will continue to increase under any conditions. And it’s no wonder since our award-winning Sportsbook API has the broadest sports and Esports coverage, low-tier leagues, local competitions, and even amateur championships. This API was created to be effective, adaptable, and reliable. And our Turnkey solution is a platform comprising the largest Sportsbook, the most comprehensive Casino collection, and all necessary tools and services such as CRM, risk management, agent scheme, and so on.

Read the full interview here


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