Uplatform’s sales team leader Nelli by SOLOAZAR

At the 2022 SBC Summit in Barcelona, which just ended, Uplatform had a number of interesting conversations with visitors and news agencies. Uplatform’s sales team lead, Nelli, had one of these jaw-dropping conversations with Soloazar. Here’s a recap of their conversation.

On the novelties showcased at the event, Nelli talked about how we offer high-quality content and are always looking for ways to make sure our clients are happy. We want our clients to have access to all the tools and features they will ever need without any issues. Nelli hinted at our plans to release our Casino Games Aggregator.

“Right now, we are getting ready for a big release of our Casino Games Aggregator, which will channel a great variety of Ucasino games in a single integration,"

said Nelli.

She expressed gratitude that Uplatform could participate in the event, saying that it was a great chance to build more traction and credibility among operators who are already overwhelmed with running their businesses, especially in the Spanish market. In her opinion, the Spanish market has shown very high growth potential and is a promising market. She explained that this untapped potential had given rise to increased demand for reliable and stable products and services in the region. She said Uplatform is the best bet for operators to meet up with the hassles of the Spanish market or any market in particular because our content can be tailored to practically any region.

Speaking of our target market, in Nelli’s words, “We call ourselves a global provider for a reason- while our content is localized and adapted for almost any geo, the emerging markets show promising GGR growth." Africa, Latin America, and Asia are now in the limelight, which is unlikely to change soon.

Nelli stated that the journey toward maximizing client satisfaction and maintaining the quality of service and products is not as simple as it may seem and that the team puts in a tremendous amount of work to stay abreast of regulatory and market trends. We are also familiar with the difficulties operators face regularly, and we cover the gaps to tailor our solutions in line with their market needs by providing must-haves and more. Some of our features include customized live casino tables, popular betting markets, virtual content, and lightweight and intuitive native apps. We also recruit new partners to assist us in maintaining high-quality service and staying a step ahead of the market. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Responding to the question on adapting our products to customer needs, Nelli mentioned that Uplatform pays very close attention to client needs. She listed some of our localization strategies such as multilevel agent schemes software for Latin America translated and localized material for Asia, SMS betting flow for African markets, etc.

Nelli stated at the conclusion of the interview that 2022 has been a very busy year for Uplatform, as we have been touring the globe since the beginning of the year. From London to Amsterdam to Singapore to Barcelona, where we received the Rising Star award and, we hope, the first of many. Malta is our final destination for 2022; so follow Uplatform on social media for more creative updates; we hope to see you soon!


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