Invaluable experience - Kate discusses Uplatform with G3

Kate, Head of Games at Uplatform, sat down with G3 in a wide-ranging interview to discuss what it was like entering as a new player in a competitive industry, just right when COVID shook the world. She also discussed the all-star line-up of products Usports, Ucasino, and Utools, as well as Uplatform's long-term aspirations.

Here's a snapshot of what Kate had to say during her interview:

Standing out in an already competitive market

“We are serious with our goals – delivering our client's success and prosperity”.

It's no secret that our industry is very competitive. As a consequence, Uplatform is continuously on the lookout for what's new and innovative in the market and what would be advantageous to our clients. As well as interacting with them to identify what they truly require. Among Uplatform's stand-out qualities are, importantly, the fact that the majority of our team have extensive iGaming experience, and, subsequently, the platform is still in its early stages, resulting in fewer adverse experiences for our clients.

Covid and Uplatform's strategy

“Many of the issues that other platforms were dealing with were magnified double for us”.

Kate added, Uplatform was released just before the Covid pandemic. So in so way, it pulled the breaks on what we had just developed. At the start, it was quite a challenge working together on a project with everyone located remotely. However, because of the experience and backgrounds of the entire team, we were able to accomplish and develop something new and unique, and we believe that Uplatform is progressing rapidly because of this. Our strategy is that treat each operator individually and distinctly and as if they are the first client, which definitely adds to the uniqueness of partnering with Uplatform.

Uplatform solutions

“The hero is Uplatform itself, where you can get all the services together”.

In response to a question concerning the flagship products, Kate stated: the line-up of products includes Utools, our all-in one suite of services, as well as, Usports, Ucasino, Ugames, with the latter three products to be offered as standalone solutions.
We're confident that Usports will succeed, Kate mentions, since it is a bespoke product that combines human and machine intelligence technologies. It offers unique betting odds that are thoroughly reviewed and managed by a large team. Ucasino is a games aggregator; ''I'm personally responsible for this division. My mission is to collect the most outstanding content available and acquire the most exciting games and rates so that our clients are completely satisfied''. Ugames is an in-house games provider and is offered as part of Ucasino, primarily developing quick (instant) games and other RNG games. Utools is a collection of comprehensive back-office solutions, analytics, reports, including many other quality tools that ensure operators have all the necessary data to operate their business successfully.

Trending possibilities

“The main trend throughout the industry must be growth, I believe”.

There is a trend emerging in playing casino games, Kate says, perhaps because it is an evolving vertical, or maybe because players want to experience that live casino feeling. We can also see that the slot players are especially active.

Long-term goals

“We understand trust and “word of mouth” comes not immediately but requires some time and we took on the challenge”.

It is a long-term undertaking; therefore, we are doing everything we can to keep our operators satisfied and maintain the excellent standards we rely on. The target is, of course, to be outstanding, create a unique identity, and continue to improve our product and client partnerships so that we can become a reliable, trusted brand on the market and, eventually, cease investing in traditional B2B marketing strategies.

Be sure to head over to G3 to read the whole of Kate's interview. Discover more about Kate's roles as Head of Games in the full Q&A, where she reveals what it is like to be back in attendance at Live events, Uplatform's immediate plans, and her perspective on how the Covid pandemic has helped the world evolve.

You can read the whole of Kate's interview here.


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