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Uplatfrom entered the iGaming market with the strategic intention to provide a completely flexible client-focused approach with the ability to offer tailored solutions to enter and perform in all markets using a unique multi-featured platform.
Kate Romanenko, Uplatform's Head of Games, spoke with CasinoBeats about partnering with Uplatform and various other topics, including Mergers and Acquisitions, Live casinos, and what Uplatform envisions for the platform in 2022.

“We are looking into settling in the industry as a trusted long-term brand and providing maximum flexibility for our clients as we expect the industry to keep changing more and more in the future”.

Mentioned Kate and we couldn’t agree with her more.

The entire team at Uplatform takes great pride in establishing long-term relationships with our clients by applying our core values to every project. We believe that Uplatform is a long-standing platform partner providing our clients with the personalized and significant advantages they need to prosper, maximizing their investment, remaining innovative, and delivering targeted, relevant, engaging, and entertaining products in any market they choose to enter. As the industry rapidly changes and the world moves closer to regulated gaming and the implementation of specific region-specific rules and taxation laws. Uplatform's unique offering has been developed with an emphasis on supporting regulated markets through a comprehensively versatile strategy that provides our clients with all the vital products, tools, and solutions and a dedicated client-focused approach for optimized business performance that promotes sustainable growth and success - such as our massive sportsbook Usports, and extensive and diverse online casino games portfolio Ucasino and for fully optimizing the performance of business Utools to enable smooth and effective operations all in the one place. This comprehensive approach helps maintain a long-term relationship and develops into a valuable asset for our clients, bringing with it the benefits of practical knowledge from industry professionals, flexibility, reliability, and an all-around competitive edge.

Sharing her thoughts on development of online casino industry, Kate adds:

“Online gambling is growing as an entertainment vertical in general. Live games are a great leisure activity with social elements, so it definitely remains to be popular among players”.

The online casino gaming industry has undergone some transformations in recent years, but Live casino games may be the most prevalent. Even though this is not a new concept, it has been around for a while; it may have suffered a stigma of entertainment reserved for Bricks and mortar casinos only. However, with true-to-life visuals, HD broadcast quality, and high-speed internet coupled with people spending more time at home. Live casino games have proved to be quite a revolution, an enjoyable playing experience complete with social interaction.
People have realized how close they can get to a real-life casino experience, that there is a massive demand for more live casino gaming content. What began as a niche gambling option has grown in popularity as a must-have entertainment option for providers.

What to expect from Uplatform in 2022? Kate has a definite answer:

“Online gambling is growing as an entertainment vertical in general. Live games are a great leisure activity with social elements, so it definitely remains to be popular among players”.

Our teams were extremely diligent and working hard, fine-tuning every aspect of our business from A-Z in 2021. From HR, Administration, and compliance to the design and technical elements tweaking everything to precision. 2021 also allowed us to attend several live events and the chance to successfully showcase our first stand at iGB Amsterdam. We were all very ecstatic with our iGB exhibit, which proved to be very beneficial and productive connecting in person with new and existing partners and providing the opportunity to show what Uplatform has to offer. Heading into 2022, we plan to keep on moving forward on our 2021 progress. We have many brilliant, enthusiastic, and visionary people working for us at Upltatform, so we never run out of motivation or quality strategies. We plan to expand our clients and brand presence into more regulated markets, improve our portfolio and offering, and keep a close eye on new product innovations and industry trends. Also, we intend to continue with promoting Uplatform at more live events, so we hope the global situation sees some more positives in the way of travel in the new year.

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