The Future of Asian iGaming: Uplatform's Perspective

Exclusive Interview with Uplatform's Rakhi Jaimini and Sam Lau

In a recent interview with Focus Gaming News, Rakhi Jaimini and Sam Lau from Uplatform discussed the evolution of the iGaming industry in Asia, addressing challenges faced by operators, cultural differences, and Uplatform's participation in G2E Asia 2023. They shed light on Uplatform's unique value proposition, localization focus, and commitment to responsible gambling.

The Evolving Landscape of the Asian iGaming Industry

Rakhi highlighted the rapid growth of the Asian iGaming sector since the pandemic outbreak, emphasizing its potential as a highly lucrative market. With countries like China, Japan, South Korea, and India expected to become key players in the iGaming sector, the Asian market is projected to witness significant expansion in the coming years.

Challenges Faced by iGaming Operators in Asia and Strategies for Success

"I think the biggest challenge for operators is marketing. The Asian market is highly competitive, and more than general marketing skills may be needed. Operators need to employ targeted and localized marketing strategies to effectively reach and engage with the diverse Asian audience."

These were Sam’s thoughts concerning the challenges in the Asian iGaming industry.

Rakhi emphasized the importance of closely monitoring evolving regulations, staying compliant, and meeting the demand for transparent regulation to succeed in the Asian market.

Anticipated Developments in the Asian iGaming Market

Sam expressed optimism about the growth and innovation in the Asian iGaming industry. He highlighted the increasing interest in the Indian market and the development of iGaming products tailored to the unique needs of Indian players. He said the Indian market presents a significant opportunity for growth and innovation in the iGaming sector.

Asian iGaming

Navigating Cultural Differences in the Asian Market

Rakhi emphasized the importance of operators understanding and catering to Asian players' unique needs. In Asia, games such as Ander Bahar, Teen Patti, Rummy, and Poker are extremely popular, and live dealers are preferred over online casinos. Affiliations also play an important role in Asian casino operations. To successfully operate in the region, operators need to consider these factors.

Sam added,

"Even if we are based in Europe, we, as a provider, fully understand the Asian market demand. We know the difference in players’ preferences in each country and even in the different regions of these countries."

When developing the Asian market, operators must not use non-Asian related experience, according to Sam.

Uplatform's Participation in G2E Asia 2023 and its Goals

As our slogan goes, “Our Platform Your success,” Uplatform aims to expand its Asian clients base by participating in G2E Asia 2023. Our sales managers stated that Uplatform seeks to bring its comprehensive solutions to the Asian market and establish itself as the preferred business partner for operators.

Uplatform's Unique Value Proposition and Differentiation

Rakhi emphasized Uplatform's understanding of the Asian market, including players' preferences in different countries and regions. By offering localization features, such as local payments, language support, and comprehensive coverage of local leagues, Uplatform differentiates itself from other iGaming providers. We prioritize a customer-centric approach and localization to stand out in the Asian market.

Emerging Trends and Uplatform's Strategic Positioning

Rakhi noted the Asia-Pacific region's rapid growth, increasing gambling revenues, and the spread of legalization. Uplatform capitalizes on these trends by constantly monitoring market dynamics and regulatory changes. We commit to delivering top solutions that cater to the unique needs of the Asian market, positioning themselves ahead of the competition.

Addressing Responsible Gaming Concerns

Rakhi and Sam stated that Uplatform prioritizes player safety and responsible gambling. Our KYC and risk management systems allow operators to set player limits and ensure a secure gambling environment. By promoting responsible gaming practices, Uplatform strives to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our clients' players.


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