Uplatform's Maria Ismailyan chat with Focus

"Participating in SiGMA Europe provides us a valuable opportunity to engage with current and potential clients and show off all the solutions we can provide to providers and operators,"

said Maria Ismailyan, senior sales manager at Uplatform, in an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News.

Maria delved into the dynamic landscape of the iGaming industry. Discussing the latest trends and challenges while shedding light on the company's approach to adapting to the evolving market, offering insights into the just concluded SiGMA Europe event.

Navigating Trends in 2023

The iGaming industry is undergoing a transformative period characterized by technological advancements such as virtual reality, blockchain, and mobile platforms. Maria emphasized the significance of video streaming technology and the rise of live dealer gaming in the past decade. She stressed Uplatform's commitment to staying ahead of trends through meticulous tracking and in-depth market analysis.


Uplatform's Adaptive Strategy

Maria stated that we have a roadmap for our system, with a couple of software releases made this year. She mentioned that our new tools will greatly enhance our system to help clients with recent trends. In addition to the software upgrades, she emphasized the importance of providing excellent service to back it up. She acknowledged that we face challenges often linked to the swiftly changing market regulations in our industry rather than solely dependent on trends. However, she expressed confidence in Uplatform's deep understanding of the industry and our meticulous approach to evaluating the company’s business model and operations.


Balancing Attractiveness and Profitability

Speaking on how Uplatform balances the attractiveness of our solutions with its profitability, Maria maintained that we adopt a long-term business plan focused on delivering a diverse portfolio tailored to different markets. She underlined the need to understand the market, the players' profiles, and the specific requirements of each market and operator. She stated that we measure our success by the successful implementation of our clients' ideas and highlighted our "your problem is our problem" approach, aiming to assist clients in achieving outstanding results.

Enhancing User Experience in Sportsbook and Online Casino Platforms

According to Maria, advanced features are one of the vital components of an ideal Sportsbook. It provides bettors with a seamless and engaging experience. This involves offering a comprehensive selection of odds, unique bets, exclusive sports, and the ability to add almost any match to the line. Maria listed some of Uplatform's offers, which include multi-bet combinations such as Accumulator, Lucky and Chain, one-click betting, unique bets, the option for users to customize their experience, bet builder, and bet constructor.

In the case of an online casino platform, she highlighted the growth in popularity, significantly accelerated by the pandemic. She mentioned key features necessary to run a successful online casino platform: licensing, SSL certificate, reliable software developers, reliable payment methods, active customer support, and responsible gambling features. These features are crucial for ensuring the security of players' personal information and providing a trustworthy and enjoyable experience.

Cryptocurrency's Role in iGaming

Maria affirmed the integration of cryptocurrencies into iGaming after the cryptocurrency boom. She said while accessibility to crypto varies, Uplatform recognizes the growing demand for crypto features. She also noted that the client base for crypto features continues to expand yearly.

Uplatform's Vision for SIGMA Europe

Maria expressed Uplatform's intention to bring advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence, into our operations. She also mentioned our full turnkey solution, Sportsbook API, and the integration of more providers into their recently launched Casino aggregator product. She highlighted the unveiling of Utools, a comprehensive suite of services and tools for our clients.

Speaking about SiGMA Europe, she said the event sets the stage for Uplatform to showcase these products, engage with current and potential clients, and demonstrate the solutions we can provide to providers and operators. Maria encouraged everyone to stay tuned for further announcements.


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