Uplatform's Vision for the LATAM iGaming Market

In an exclusive interview with Focus Gaming News, Randall Lacayo, the sales manager at Uplatform, shared his insights into the Latin American iGaming market and the company's expectations for the upcoming SiGMA Americas event. Here's a breakdown of the key points discussed.

Uplatform's Role in the iGaming and Sports Betting Industry

Uplatform is a comprehensive solutions provider in the iGaming sector, offering top-notch platform to operators in the Latin American market. Randall emphasized our commitment to enabling operators to achieve their goals and enhance their players' experience.

Challenges Faced by Operators in the Latin American Market

The primary challenge for Latin American operators is delivering a fresh, high-quality product that resonates with their players. Randall highlighted the issue of many companies offering substandard platforms that fail to meet the minimum requirements, leading to a loss of interest among their players.

iGaming Market

The Impact of Brazilian Regulation on the iGaming Landscape

"Undoubtedly, Brazil is a special case due to its size and importance. With the largest economy in Latin America, its leadership could transform how other countries view their legislation and determine how to regulate the iGaming industry."

These were Randall's thoughts on the impact of Brazilian regulation on the iGaming industry.

Uplatform's Differentiation and Offerings at SiGMA Americas 2023

Uplatform sets itself apart from other companies at SiGMA Americas 2023 through its extensive range of sports and esports, markets, and casino offerings. Attendees witnessed Uplatform's professionalism and deep understanding of operator requirements, which guide their selection of the best iGaming platform.

Betting Behavior Peculiarities and Product Development

The Latin American region demonstrates diverse and mixed preferences regarding sports betting. Randall explained that Uplatform caters to this diversity by offering various sports disciplines and corresponding markets, including baseball, basketball, and soccer, influenced by European and American sports.

iGaming Market

Uplatform's Contribution to the Growing Brazilian Market

For the Brazilian market, Uplatform provides a powerful tool that meets the needs of bettors across different sports disciplines. Notably, Uplatform offers a broad range of soccer markets, which are particularly popular among Brazilian bettors. Additionally, Uplatform addresses the rising popularity of Esports and offers casino solutions with various online casino games to cater to different segments of the population.

Key Trends in the Latin American iGaming and Sports Betting Industry

Here’s what Randall had to say,

"The trends among bettors in Latin America are very diverse but constant. Now bettors are not only looking for the odds of the main matches but also proposals that are attractive and original. Another main trend within sports bettors is live betting, with many options for customers to explore and choose the bet that most appeal to them. Esports is a necessity."

Advice for Companies Entering the Latin American Market

Randall advises companies seeking to enter the Latin American market to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses all the diverse needs of bettors. Simply providing lines for the main games of the day is no longer sufficient. Latin American bettors now expect a broad range of markets and casino options. Failing to provide these variants may lead to unsuccessful attempts to enter the market.

Uplatform's Participation in Industry Events

Randall affirmed that Uplatform has an exciting lineup of industry events planned for the year. Looking ahead, Uplatform will be attending iGB Live in July, followed by SIGMA Asia, SBC Summit Barcelona in September, and SIGMA Europe later in the year. These events are vital opportunities for Uplatform to showcase its offerings, stay updated on industry trends, and establish valuable connections with peers and potential clients.


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