Uplatform Sales Manager Discusses Asian iGaming Market and Our Expansion Plans

Inside Asian Gaming interviewed Sam Lau, Sales Manager at Uplatform, to gain insights into the company's vision for the Asian iGaming market and its participation in the prestigious G2E Asia 2023 event. Sam highlighted the potential for growth and innovation in the Indian market, the importance of localized strategies, Uplatform's unique offerings, and their commitment to responsible gambling practices.

Innovating for Growth: Seizing the Potential of the Indian Market

He believes the Asian iGaming industry is on track for significant growth, characterized by rapid change, innovation, and adaptation. The growing Indian market is one area of particular interest. Sam highlighted the enormous opportunities for operators to expand and innovate in response to the ever-increasing interest in the Indian audience. Anticipating this trend, operators are actively on the lookout for iGaming products tailored to the unique needs of the Indian market. This surge in customized offerings is expected to propel the Asian iGaming industry forward.

Cultural Nuances and Tailored Approaches

Sam stated,

"Operators must not use non-Asian related experience when developing the Asian market."

Sam emphasized the importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences when operating in the Asian market. Sam explained that online casino operators must avoid relying on non-Asian experiences when developing strategies. Sam also acknowledged the importance of rolling commissions and the impact of affiliate marketing in Asia, which some non-Asian operators may overlook. Operators can effectively engage with the diverse Asian audience by recognizing the unique needs and preferences of the local players.

Uplatform's Cutting-Edge Solutions: A Gateway to the Asian Market

Sam was excited about our latest product. Here’s what he had to say,

"A new casino aggregator will be ready for the market. We have the privilege of combining Western and Eastern specific needs into our backend system and bringing some customized features to Asian operators."

Sam told IAG how our comprehensive research and development efforts gave rise to a powerful solution designed to enhance the iGaming experience in Asia. Sam explained that Uplatform's goal at the event was to strengthen its position as a preferred business partner by showcasing its ability to understand and meet local players' and operators' unique needs and preferences.

Forging New Partnerships and Expanding Footprint

Sam told IAG that Uplatform recognizes the significance of G2E Asia 2023 as a platform for networking and building meaningful partnerships. He further expressed the company's desire to engage in fruitful conversations with industry professionals, fostering understanding and making a lasting impression. Adding that by gaining an in-depth knowledge of clients' needs, Uplatform aims to establish new alliances and strengthen its presence in the Asian market.

iGaming Market

Distinctiveness and Benefits of Uplatform

Our sales manager stated that Uplatform's comprehensive understanding of the region sets us apart from other iGaming providers in Asia as one of the few European-based providers with in-depth knowledge of the Asian market. Uplatform leverages its operational experience and offers customized solutions to cater to local players' and operators' specific requirements and preferences. This localized approach, he claims, enables Uplatform to provide exceptional value and benefits to its clients.

Observing Emerging Trends and Adaptation Strategies

Sam observed a shift in focus among operators toward the Indian and Southeast Asian markets. In response to this trend, he informed IAG that Uplatform is ready to work with partners to develop tailored gaming products for the Asian market. He said Uplatform aims to capitalize on emerging opportunities and remain at the forefront of innovation in the Asian iGaming industry by aligning its strategy with changing market demands.

iGaming Market

Main driving forces in the Asian iGaming market

Sam stated that the key factors to growth are to provide the best product and understand the market's needs, and we have both. He added that we are aware that language can be a barrier for some operators, which is why our sales team covers almost ten major languages spoken worldwide.

Commitment to Responsible Gaming

Sam stated that Uplatform recognizes the significance of responsible gambling practices and adheres to them as a core principle. He informed IAG that Uplatform has a standard Know Your Customer (KYC) system and risk management team and that we are committed to promoting responsible gambling practices and providing our clients' players with a safe and secure environment.

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