What to Expect at the SiGMA Malta - A Focus News Exclusive

Regarding the upcoming SiGMA event in Malta, our Sales Team Lead, Nelli, had an exclusive interview with Focus iGaming News to discuss our expectations for the event, our current market situation, and our vision for Latin America. Here's a brief rundown of the interview.

Nelli told Focus that the sales and marketing teams are fully prepped for Malta. She stated that the team is excited because Malta is one of the world's largest iGaming hubs and will provide an excellent opportunity to expand our network and secure new partnerships.

Uplatform's adaptability and comprehensiveness are its strengths, says Nelli. She said that despite our cheerful branding, we never compromise delivery speed or product quality. Nelli revealed that at SiGMA, we would offer an enlarged provider list, new payment methods, and enhanced sportsbook features.

"While all eyes are on Brazil and the possible legislative changes in 2022, we are getting ready for a new chapter for our product expansion."

This was Nelli's response to our LATAM role. She said Latin America has a thriving iGaming ecosystem that requires constant study to succeed, and we wouldn't consider entering Latin America without adapting to local preferences and developing a business plan.

When asked to comment on the SBC Rising Star Award we received at the SBC Barcelona event, Nelli stated,

“The outstanding feedback from the industry tempted us to lay on our laurels for a while. But to survive in intense competition means to move forward, and we are doing it with even more confidence now, headed toward new achievements!”.

She also applauded our sportsbook, which was well received at the 2022 SBC Barcelona event. She commended our sportsbook's versatility and comprehensiveness, stating that our current player conversion rate is at 50-60 percent.

Nelli told Focus that we anticipate more surprises by the end of the year and plan to focus on developing better products and establishing stronger partnerships, taking a break, and looking back on the fantastic year that just passed because, at the end of the day, we’re just human.

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